Our basket of services is made up of a host of professional clinical services in optometry that include primary vision care, testing, diagnosis and vision correction. Each of our outlets have qualified optometrists, trained to treat each diagnosis with utmost care and detail by the proprietor, an optometrist with consultation experience of almost 40 years.


Your complete health is our focus and we ensure you are well-equipped for the same. Once you have completed the examination our optometrists guide you with every aspect of your prescription. Causes and effects of your particular ailment are clarified, procedures and prescription explained and the care to be given after purchase is provided with meticulous detail. By the end of it, you are also made to understand why the particular product chosen is best-suited to your needs or profession. Expert recommendations for eye-care, visual aids and vision therapy to fit your specific needs and lifestyles follow. We like to help as much as we can.

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Dispensing opticians have the responsibility of a client's complete eye-health hence, for us opticianry has never been about mere off-the shelf sales. The ultimate objective has always been to provide the most pertinent visual aid to you. Step into any of our stores and you are attended to immediately. A team of qualified opticians, sensitive to your needs and attentive to your requirement, carefully guide you through the best-suited product to fit your needs. 



We display typical alertness to help our customers at every step. Once the purchase order is ready, we notify you immediately. If you need to re-order a new set of contact lenses - once alerted, our staff reaches out to you before the stock expires, hence eliminating the gap in use and purchase. Aren't these, the very things that make customer experience satisfying?



Others may like to do it differently, but we like to do after-sales just like we do our sales. With care, concern and attention. So value-added services like no-cost nose pad replacements, adjustments, alignments, accessories and so on, are services you can easily expect from us. With us, there is little chance of you forgetting your routine eye-checkups because we’d have notified you on time. We listen. We like hearing what you have to say about us. And also implement your suggestions as much as we can if need be, to offer the best convenience we can to you.


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