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Spectacle Frames & Sunglasses

We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. We are constantly looking to understand and make the wearers experience perfect, if not optimal. 


We stock a wide range of products from lenses to frames & sunglasses. Each store holds over 2000 eyeglasses to help you make the right selection and each eyepiece is hand picked and carefully selected by the management. We look at quality, durability, style, fit, after sales services, material and frame construction when selecting each eyepiece. Brand name and location are important parameters too in procurement.


Types of Eyeglasses that we Dispense

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Origins of rimless spectacles dates back to 1880’s but it gained popularity in the last few decades. Rimless eyeglasses or the 3 piece frame has undergone several innovations over the years. Brands like Silhouette and Lindberg have made this style a classic. While it was fashionable to wear this style in the 1990’s to early 2000’s, the rimless eyeglasses will remain forever a classic. While its popularity keeps fluctuating, there will always be a consistent set of individuals who can wear nothing else but rimless glasses, hence the demand for these eyeglasses remain. These are delicate to use only because of the mounting but most rimless frames are exceptionally strong and lightweight. We recommend this type of eyeglasses to careful users only because the rimless lenses need to be handled carefully even though the frame is strong. These eyeglasses are also best suited for those who require exceptionally lightweight frames or eyeglasses that don’t stand out on the face. The style blends better with spectacles than sunglasses. Having said, there are some exceptionally sleek and stylish sunglasses in luxury brands that break this pattern.

Full Rimmed

There are several styles in full rimmed eyeglasses. A large collection of spectacles and sunglasses full into the category of full rimmed frames. These eyeglasses are made of different materials, in various colours and sizes to meet the needs of all types of faces. Full rimmed glasses or full frames can be the most durable as the rim encloses the lenses completely. They are less prone to break or damage if handled properly and are more durable than rimless or half rimmed glasses. Moreover, full rimmed glasses are the best suited for individuals who have high powered prescriptions.

Oliver Peoples Eyeglasses.jpeg

Half Rimmed

Half rimmed, semi-rimmed or supra eyeglasses were initially designed to reduce the overall weight of the spectacle or sunglasses when worn. These eyeglasses have a metal or a shell top or a combination of both and a thin, strong plastic gut inserted into the rim of the lens at the bottom. While this type of frame construction is a blend of both a rimless and full frame, it is again best suited for lenses that are not too thick and for people who handle their eyeglasses carefully

Shapes of Eyeglasses that we Stock

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