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Myopia Management Centre

Myopia is of growing concern today and it is assumed that by 2050 over half the worlds population will be myopic. As such, we at S.R.Gopal Rao, being the oldest opticians in Bangalore with its Founder being the first qualified Optometrist in the city, have taken several steps to update our oldest store and create India's first in store Myopia Management Centre in association with industry experts - Zeiss. BOOK AN APPOINTMENTREAD MORE

What is Myopia?

What are the signs to look out for in a child who has Myopia?

Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is a common refractive error where distant objects appear blurry, while close-up objects can be seen more clearly. Myopia usually develops in early childhood, and spurts during pre-teens and teens; your child may not even know that they have a vision problem and assume everyone sees the same way and will not bring it to your attention.It becomes important to watch out for signs of vision problems in your child(ren) and ensure yearly eye check ups are a part of their health routine.

It is estimated that by 2050, 50% of the world's population would be Myopic.


  1. Trouble seeing things written on the black board

  2. Complaints by the teacher that the child is jotting down notes incorrectly

  3. Partially closing their eye lids/squeezing the eyelids when trying to focus or see things

  4. Complaining of headache by the end of the day

  5. Frequent rubbing of eyes

  6. Excessive blinking/ watering of the eye

  7. Desire to sit close to watch TV 

  8. Wanting to sit in the front row of the classroom to see things clearly 

  9. Decline in academic performance

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What are the Causes of Myopia :

The eye experts are unsure of the actual causes of Myopia, but assume it could be largely due to : 

  1. Genetics - plays a significant role, as children with myopic parents are more likely to develop it.

  2. Environmental factors such as - Increased time spent in front of near devices or gadgets and reduced outdoor activities.

What is Progressive Myopia?

During Pre-teens and Teens, especially between the ages of 6 years and 16 years, there is a lot of growth in the body. The eye being a part of the body tends to grow too! This causes the increase in the axial length for some of those with myopia i.e eyeball elongates, which induces the progression of myopia. 

If left untreated, it will lead to High Myopia.

Apart from blurred vision, high and uncontrolled myopia can cause serious eye conditions such as:

  • Retinal tear/ detachment

  • Myopic macular degeneration

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

How to treat and manage Myopia?

Several strategies can help manage myopia in children and slow down its progression, while providing clearer vision at the same time. Myopia management is effective and applies only to children between the ages of 6 years and 16 years.

Your optometrists can recommend the treatment options, they think which best suits your child’s needs during eye examination. 

Myopia can affect your child’s vision and eye health more than you think, besides needing heavier prescriptions in adulthood.

However, early action can help slow the progression of myopia and protect your child’s vision.

There are several options for Myopia Management, which are provided by understanding the causes and recognising the symptoms. Our Optometrists will provide one of the following, post an eye examination and consultation : 

  • Myopia control spectacle lenses (lens for myopia)

  • Contact lenses (lens for correction of myopia)

  • Eye drops to control Myopia 

  • Combination therapies

About our Myopia Management Centre :

We at S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists have launched India’s first retail housed - clinical Myopia Management Centre's - supported by Zeiss. The centre aims to provide vision care and support to children from a young age while still retaining the comforts of a retail setup like ours. The key to this practice is that one can make an appointment to visit the store and can be assured of getting their needs and their child's needs attended to at the same time without the daunting task of long hours and waits. Moreover, we are fully equipped with state of art technology to complete a thorough eye examination for adults while also being able to detect if children have myopia at an early age, followed by counselling, providing solutions and treatment for the same. 

It is important to know that not all children can get myopia but regular eye check ups (from 6 months to a year), from an early age is important for every child in order to detect and control the progression of myopia if needed.

If your child has myopia symptoms Contact Us or Book An Appointment

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