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Committed to Green

We are committed to ensuring that your waste and discarded eyewear; old and soiled lenses do not end up in a landfill. We partner with artisans across the country so see that this waste is repurposed in a way that is not harmful to the environment or our surroundings. The waste collected is donated to them and they make the most of it. In addition to this, we have moved all our packaging to be products made from RECYCLED paper that is biodegradable and packing mailers that are home compostable. We have started upcycling our spectacle cases, even though it costs us twice the amount to buy a new one! Know that when you shop with us, you are not only doing good to your eyes but you are also helping the environment. READ MORE | VIEW REPORT


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To understand how we are GREEN you need to know how the industry works. Eyewear is made up of several sub parts and each is built from different materials. Our aim was to find a way to discard the entire unit responsibly without adding any waste to the environment. We dedicated the whole month of June to showcasing all of the steps we have put in place to make our firm more environmentally friendly as a tribute to Upcycling Day, which was observed on June 24. We organised this campaign with the expectation that it will encourage more businesses to contribute to environmental improvement and move their operations toward ecological soundness. 

We have invested a number of days during the month to communicate each of our activities. The "Progressive packaging for a benign tomorrow" project, in which we value our packaging and work to make it as environmentally friendly and long-lasting as possible, was introduced after we highlighted our "Trash into Treasure" efforts to collect eyeglass waste.

With "Teaming up for a Better Tomorrow" we unveiled the artists we are working with to upcycle waste as part of the campaign in the weeks that followed. To wrap up the campaign, we introduced the Getspexy home brand's wooden eyewear line while promoting our "Sustain your style" program.

We have the articles that were written about us and our green projects here to serve as a further reminder that upcycling is upbeat, recycling is radiant, sustainability is superior, and so, being green is gallant.


Yes, eyewear is a NECESSARY product and it serves several purposes when worn. It is also a FASHIONABLE product and makes a large statement as it is the first accessory that people will notice. But, how many pairs are too many and how often do you need to buy one? 


Discounts encourage fast fashion. They lead you to believe that you are buying something of value but in the process you end up buying so much more than what is needed!


Quality eyewear should last you at least 2 years, factoring pollution and dust. If handled well it will last you much longer! You only need to change your eyeglasses when your prescription changes or when the frame gets worn out. If you need variety for UTILITY, COMFORT OR STYLE , then use 2 or more pairs at a time but ensure that they are off the best quality and make.

Quality eyewear is made responsibly and does not undermine the value of the product, environment or people making it. Before discarding, take a look at the eyepiece, if it can last longer then stretch it till it does and DISCARD it by DROPPING it off at our waste collection bins. If it belongs to someone special then we recommend saving it as a souvenir. Watches and eyeglasses are easy to store and gives you the best and fondest memories of the person that wore it!

We only discount as a gesture of goodwill or when we absolutely can't service a brand or product else our purpose is to sell you clean, responsible and quality eyewear with no compromise on sight at all.

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Click on the link below to know what Fast Fashion is and how it impacts your wallet and the environment!

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