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Eye Trial Frame

Comprehensive Eye Check Up

S.R.Gopal Rao was the first qualified Optometrist in Bangalore, Karnataka. As such, it has always been important for us to be an integrated service. While we dispense the best in class eyeglasses it's integral for us to have a fully equipped clinic, with state of the art technology and highly qualified optometrists to do a complete eye check up. A full eye check up involves refraction and diagnosis of any underlying problems which may require further inspection by the Ophthalmologist, if suggested.


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On an average, each Optometrist spends 30 minutes with a patient, first understanding any underlying health concerns, previous history of the patient, followed by a thorough eye examination and issuing a prescription. In addition to this the optometrist does a preliminary analysis of the following : 

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Gold Star_2x.png
Gold Star_2x.png
Gold Star_2x.png

Type of spectacles or vision correction the patient is currently using

The need for vision correction 

Deeper understanding of the patient's lifestyle in order to provide the best corrected vision and treatment for the same

Autoref-kerato Metre_2x.png

All these points are taken into consideration before prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses to the patient. We do charge a minimal consultation fee for this which is waived off if a purchase is made from our store. It's only fair for us to charge a minimal testing fee for the time the optometrist spends doing the eye check up followed by consultation.

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Auto Refractor Keratometer

Slip Lamp

All our clinics are equipped with a refraction unit, a slip lamp to check contact lens fitting or get a deeper understanding of eye infections, an ophthalmoscope and spectacle lens related equipment.

Lamp for Fog ID



At the counter, the optician will explain details related to the lenses using various tools to demonstrate the features and benefits of polarised lenses, transition lenses, blue block lenses and so on. We also have tablets with the respective applications from Nikon, Zeiss and Essilor to visually help the user decide on which lenses suit the wearer best. Similarly, the optician will also explain the benefits of different types of spectacles and sunglasses, the benefits of each material and the unique features of the eyeglasses available.

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