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About Us

We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. This text isn't scripted but it is written by none other than the family that manages the business. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. We are luxury opticians with a purpose! Read more about our green initiatives : CLICK HERE

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S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists (SRGR) is a cherished name with a legacy of offering services in optometry and opticianry since the late 19th century. Formed on the principles of trust and care, it is a brand with a commitment to precision-driven vision care and personalised attention, values it has become synonymous with. 

Dedication to accuracy, focus on customer needs and a holistic approach to the customer’s purchase of prescription spectacles, lenses, sunglasses and other eye-wear accessories has made SRGR a brand well-loved by generations.


To our customers we offer the widest possible range of luxury, premium and quality eye-wear from the best of brands globally. Along with in-house clinical and consultation services, we provide complete primary vision care that includes medical check ups, eye-sight testing and correction.

SRGR became a member of Platine Optic, an  association established by Essilor, in 2005. In 2020, we were nominated as the first Essilor Experts in South India, a true testimony to our credibility in quality vision eye-care. Propelled with stellar entrepreneurship and endorsed by the erstwhile royal family of Mysore, S.R.Gopal Rao continues to drive excellence in optometry and optical retail, enjoying the same trust it has for more than a century.

Today, SRGR has 3 boutique locations, a home brand labelled Getspexy and an Online Shop which ships across India.



The Founding Family

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Hemanth Manay

Chief Executive Officer

Hemanth is the 3rd generation business man to carry the legacy forward. He is a qualified optometrist with a Diploma from the Minto Ophthalmic Hospital Karnataka and over 40 years of practice in opticianry and optometry. Not only a businessman but also a philanthropist, Hemanth is a member and was the Director of Youth Services (2020-21) at the Rotary House of Bangalore. He plays an important role in the optical industry by being the Founding Member of the All India Optical Federation (AIOF) and a Council Member of Club Platine-Essilor.

Uma Manay

Business Manager

Uma joined the family business in 2004 with the launch of the 2nd boutique store at Residency Road. She handles critical roles in sales, finance and inventory management. Uma has over 17 years of experience in dispensing spectacle frames, sunglasses and lenses. Not only is she an optician but she is also an avid golfer and the first lady member to be on the committee of Bangalore Golf Club, Karnataka.

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Meghana Manay

Chief Operations Officer

Meghana is the 4th generation to take over the reins of the family business. She joined SRGR in 2011 with the launch of the 3rd boutique store at Jayanagar. Meghana comes from a business background. She completed her undergraduation from the Centre For Management Studies in 2007 and her MBA from the India Institute of Management Bangalore in 2018. She has also completed a short term course in eye refraction techniques from Aravind Eye Hospital in 2016. Meghana has 10 years of experience in Dispensing Optics and 4 years of experience in PR & Marketing for other industries.

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The Team at Residency Road

The Team at Jayanagar

The Team at N.R.Road

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Senior Optometrist who has been with us for 14 years

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Mohan Kumar

Qualified Optometrist who has been practising for 6 years

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Mary Teena

Qualified Optometrist who has been practising for 7 years



Senior Optician who has been with us for 21 years

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Senior Optometrist and Optician who has been with us for 9 years

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Senior Optometrist who has been with us for 5 years



Chief Optometrist who has been with us for 20 years



Senior Opticians who has been with us for 9 years



Jr.Optometrist who has been with us for a year

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