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Dispensing Contact Lenses

While this may seem to be a routine process for some, it is actually quite different from the regular eye examination that is conducted. Contact lenses sit directly on the corneal surface of the eye. As such the prescription for some users will be different from their spectacle power and this correction is done taking into account the vertex distance.


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What is the vertex distance?

Vertex distance is the distance between the back surface of a corrective lens in the spectacle frame and the front of the cornea. In case of spectacles there is a significant vertex distance between the cornea and the back surface of the lens unlike contact lenses which are worn directly on the corneal surface.


As such, in order to retain the same visual clarity as seen through spectacles when wearing contact lenses, it is important for the Optometrist to consider the following parameters when prescribing contact lenses:

  1. Health of the cornea

  2. Spectacle lens power compensated for contact lens prescription

  3. Corneal curvature which is checked using the keratometer to arrive at the base curve

  4. Patient lifestyle 

  5. Tear film evaluation

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Based on these parameters, our Optometrists will prescribe contact lenses. It is for these reasons, we always recommend visiting a qualified Optometrist before making your purchase of contact lenses. One can always set up an appointment with our Optometrists at our store clinics to do this. It is easy to reorder your contact lenses and contact lens solution online, which can be done via our website : ;provided your prescription or product hasn’t changed.

However, if it is your first time wearing contact lenses or if you are facing discomfort with your existing lenses, then it is important to make an informed decision in consultation with your Optometrist.

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What is the process for First Time Wearers of Contact Lenses?

In addition to points listed above, for first time wearers our Optometrists will recommend trial lenses (if available with the company). This is done for the Optometrist and wearer to be sure about the contact lenses fitting, comfort and for ease of use.

The Optometrist will spend time training the patient at the clinic on how to use and maintain these contact lenses. This is a part of our contact lens consultation process.


In case of first time wearers or change in contact lenses due to power or product for existing users, our Optometrists will check the contact lens fitting and vision at the time of dispensing these lenses. Doing this will ascertain compatibility, comfort when worn and clear vision.

At S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists we also dispense coloured contact lenses (both prescription and plano), RGP contact lenses, Scleral contact lenses and specialised contact lenses for high cylindrical powers and Keratoconus patients. Visit us to understand how this is done by the best! Our contact lens practices are at Jayanagar, Residency Road and N.R.Road -  Bangalore.


To get more information on our contact lenses product portfolio: book an appointment or contact us.

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