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Curated Collection

Wondering which spectacle frame or sunglasses go best with your lifestyle and personality? It could be a special occasion or sport or work persona that requires you to choose your eyeglasses accordingly. Well, don't worry we got you covered. Even if it means selecting your eyewear based on the city's fast paced IT hub or the happy, brew mongering, food loving crowd; we have curated collections to match most of your needs. Take a look!


Carefully selected eyepieces to match every occasion, style, event, work, sport and more!

Image by Sebin Thomas


Take a walk down memory lane or discovery new places that cover the streets of our city. The "Bangalore Collection" is a tribute to the city that has housed us for several decades. It defines the roots of S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians. A lot of who we are today is because of the city that we have been nurtured in. A city that comprises of so much! Right from entrepreneurs to techies, from vegan restaurants to bustling breweries, from parks and lakes to sky scrapers and concrete roads; Bangalore is all about its people, food, parks and development. We help you #seebangalorebetter 

dad approvaed eyewear available at S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians


Our Dad approved eyewear is curated keeping in mind the lifestyle of both young and old dads. The eyewear chosen represents different spaces of their life and was put together to celebrate fathers all over the world on Fathers Day on June 2021. The curation will be updated to include fresh styles of the coming seasons which will add value to every dad's lifestyle. Take a look!



A clear, steady line of vision is imperative during yoga practice and exercise whether you’re looking at the world upside down or keeping your focus razor-sharp to maintain your balance. If you’re someone who prefers glasses to lenses this is for you – Look for lightweight frames that are also flexible, with a firm grip. For added firmness, investing in an eyewear strap will help keep the spectacles in place. 

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