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S.R.Gopal Rao, a Green business!

"Sustainability is about ecology, economy, and equity". -Ralph Bicknese

When one decides to make a sustainable effort, it is frequently for a purpose other than their own but to help the environment. It is great to see how the benefits of making this shift often come around helpfully and unexpectedly. Consider how the same purpose would serve in an organisation with multiple employees. Yes, better, as a larger group of people benefits when a company promotes sustainability and prioritises the environment over fast fashion and similar trends.

About The Video : An Overview of how we are going green! Check out the video to know more.

Irrespective of multiple brands trying to help the people become environmentally aware, some brands influence customers on choosing the easy way that will help the organisation gain profit but harm the environment. Unlike brands that greenwash customers and exploit their customers, we thrive in helping our customers gain awareness of factors that may be against their ideals. Our goal at S. R. Gopal Rao is to make your purchase with us beneficial to your eyes and the environment. We intend to step up our attempts and help the industry become more ecologically sound in the process. We make every effort to dispose of the waste from the entire eyeglasses unit in an environmentally amicable manner.

We have invested a lot of our energy in projects that help define our ideas and achieve our goals. To help you explore further about our responsibility, here are our projects.

1. Our Upcycling Initiatives

The fact that the garbage industry is not an attractive market indicates that there are only a few companies that offer a good recycling system, which is why some of us don't know everything about our garbage disposal. So, recycling and upcycling are the only methods to achieve a waste-free future. At S.R.Gopal Rao, to upcycle eyewear waste and all related products; responsibly, we have teamed up with craftsmen, upcycling houses, corporations, and non-profit groups from across the country to recycle the trash in ways that are not destructive to the environment or our surroundings. We donate the waste to them as they make the most of it.

2. Spectacle Cases From Recycled Materials

Everybody appreciates gifts. Now, why not make it an environmentally conscious one? Our Spectacle cases, from recycled materials are the most thoughtful and environmentally benign present you can give someone or yourself. A collection of our eyewear cases are made from recycled tire tubes that are hand-cut. They have a recycled felt inner lining that gives the spectacles a gentle cushioned support. If sustainability is our approach to spectacles, eco-friendly is our approach to spectacle cases.

While the cases mentioned above are sold via Getspexy, we have made major progress on the cases that we give away with the products that we dispense. Our regular spectacle cases are no longer ordinary but are now produced from recycled paper and are completely biodegradable! It's fantastic to have spectacle cases that have a lengthy history with the brand or that have a better environmental relationship. Spectacle cases that have been refurbished and upcycled from old ones have also been added to our inventory, giving the old ones a new lease of life. Thanks to our incredible partners, Kevali, Bangalore Creative Circus, and Corugami, who have improved our vision with actual products that have our hearts and glasses.

3. Tuck Boxes and Outer Packaging From Recycled Papers

The product's packaging speaks volumes about it. We understand this better than anyone, and we make certain that our packaging not only promotes our class but also supports our principles. Our beautiful tuck boxes are made of recycled paper instead of virgin paper. Did you know? A tonne of recycled paper saves 17 trees. So, we, at S.R.Gopal Rao harm no more trees in the process! We also use recyclable paper stickers for these boxes. To ensure that we follow through on our commitments, we have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled and biodegradable shipping labels. We are very careful that we also make certain that the mailers we use are biodegradable, both compostable at home and at the workplace, to ensure that they are part of our assertion.

4. Wooden Eyewear Breathe (Getspexy)

We take our interests and objectives so sincerely that we have a collection dedicated to environmental well-being and sustainability! In addition to reusing and up-cycling eyewear, our home brand's eyewear is Getspexy's Breathe range. A collection that prioritises the environment while abiding by aesthetic standards. This is Getspexy's debut collection, and it features nine eyewear styles. The product is made from an environmentally friendly wood. Every frame sold includes a certificate with a QR code that may be used to track the development of a tree, planted in its place. These trees are grown specifically to make these products. We are completely committed to making our firm as environmentally friendly as possible.

5. No To Fast Fashion. Promoting Sustainable Living

Fast fashion? It's more like a fast-fading fashion. Our fashion philosophy is sustainability in style. We say No To Fast Fashion, which adds deleterious waste to the environment, and instead retail quality products in limited quantities, unlike many fast fashion firms that produce in mass and are negligent.

At S.R.Gopal Rao, we have worked hard to reduce our waste and up-cycle the rest. We have minimised our carbon footprint by investing in sustainable, locally sourced materials for our packaging and some of our eyewear. We up-cycle our scraps as well as build protective cases for our spectacles. Between 2019 and 2021, we have prevented about 1,000 kg of eyeglasses trash from being dumped into the environment.

We don't stop here! There is more to what we have accomplished and will accomplish in the years ahead. We've recently collaborated with Kaipanee to Upcycle our eyeglasses, and we're in the process of forming partnerships with a number of other businesses and organisations to collaborate with us and achieve our objectives. We're also working on a solution for properly disposing of contact lenses, which contribute to environmental degradation.

Join us and be a part of our efforts to protect the environment. You can drop off your eyewear waste at any of our store locations or check out this link to see how you can participate in our initiatives : | Meet our partners and connect with them directly if you would like to make your business eco-friendly and sustainable.


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