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Sadashivanagar still offers a throwback to an expansively green, unhurried part of Bangalore. You can take a walk around Sankey Tank that borders the area, built by Col. Richard Sankey, in 1882 to guard the city against water shortage, or you can ride a retired racehorse through the grounds of the Princess Riding Academy, owned by the former princess herself, Late Meenakshi Devi, whose love for horses dated back to when she was a little girl of 6.

The area certainly has an illustrious history. Its residents include former presidents, chief ministers, Nobel laureates, royals, business barons and is named after a freedom fighter with a heart of gold. Sadashivanagar, the name is a tribute to Karnataka’s Karnad Sadashiva Rao who was one of the first individuals to pledge his support for Gandhiji’s Satyagraha movement. Unfortunately, he died penniless, having spent all his considerable private wealth in service of the Indian Independence movement and the welfare of the poor.

Malleshwaram & Sadashivanagar

But until the 1990s, Sadashivanagar was actually called ‘Palace Orchards’...

Because the upscale, largely residential neighbourhood, was created out of the former royal gardens of the Bangalore Palace. The area is still home to various members of the erstwhile-royal Wodeyar family, from Mysore, who used to spend their summers at the Palace here in the city.

Another one of the area’s distinguished occupants include Nobel Laureate, C V Raman who petitioned the then Maharaja of Mysore for a grant of land, in 1941, to build what would become the Raman Institute. C V Raman passed away in 1970, but a team of physicists continues to do pioneering work in optics, quantum theory, relativity and gravity.

You and I may not be able to discuss the finer nuances of the Raman Effect but we can certainly pay a visit to the quaint building in Sadashivanagar, and browse through the scientists collection of gems, crystals and rock specimens from all over the world. Or marvel at his love for the natural world, evidenced by a collection of stuffed birds, beetles and butterflies in his museum.

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True sophistication never goes out of style and this pair of Giorgio Armani glasses reaffirms that. In a havana matte colour, these round shell glasses combine retro details with modern materials. A part of the ‘Frames of Life’ collection by the marquee Italian brand, the slim metal-hinged temples display the Armani logo, discreetly. A keyhole bridge and rivets lend a refined, vintage look that would not be out of place whether you were in Bengalooru or Beijing, Milan or Mumbai.

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