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Bangalore Collection

Take a walk down memory lane or discovery new places that cover the streets of our city. The "Bangalore Collection" is a tribute to the city that has housed us for several decades. It defines the roots of S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians. A lot of who we are today is because of the city that we have been nurtured in. A city that comprises of so much! Right from entrepreneurs to techies, from vegan restaurants to bustling breweries, from parks and lakes to sky scrapers and concrete roads; Bangalore is all about its people, food, parks and development. We help you #seebangalorebetter 

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Try and keep up with the the sneaker-wearing, Suprabhatam-blaring walkers in Sankey Tank. See where the valley-returned, villament owners live in Whitefield. Buy the Series A-seeking startup savant from Koramangala a coffee. Eavesdrop on the chowchow baath-eating, Kuvempu-quoting residents of Gandhi Bazaar. Don't forget your manners when you meet the kindly old lady from Cooke Town, famous for her mince pies. 

You will win over the swish set in Indiranagar if you can tell your Hefeweizen from your Stout. And never rouse the Shankar Nag-loving auto raja as he takes his Sunday-siesta. Bengalooru, everyone who calls the city home has a different story to tell. Each locality, every main and cross, reveals a little of the old, jostling for space with the new.  

But while much newsprint has been devoted to Bangalore’s transformation from a sleepy little cantonment to a technology hub, longtime residents and new entrants to the city will both attest to Bangalore’s endearing charm.Some of its famous flowering trees may have given way to impersonal buildings in glass and chrome, the always cosmopolitan city where snatches of Tamil and Telugu were heard may now echo with a dizzying array of languages from all over, but some things remain the same.

The warmth of its people, the strength of its filter coffee, the weather that could turn accountants into poets, the laidback-yet-casually-hip vibe, Bengalooru is special. And it takes a special someone to show you exactly what makes it tick. As longtime residents and lifetime fans of this city we call our own, we at SRGR, wish to take you on a guided tour of its many delights. 

We want to tell you stories about the Anglo Indian residents who put the White in Whitefield, introduce you to a single screen theatre in Jayanagar that doesn't exist anymore. We want to share with you stories about brave residents of Koramangala who decided to make a forgotten swamp their home, and find out what keeps MG Road ticking over and getting more with-it the older it grows.

Join us as we regale you with stories about the former and current royalty of Sadashivanagar, and as we undertake the herculean task of inventorying all the restaurant and bars in Indiranagar…

As we prepare to unveil our carefully curated Bangalore Collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses, we are here, as always, to help you See Bangalore Better.


Our promise to Better Vision, Since 1936 and Bangalore has stood the test of time.


Promising Bangalore


Traditional Bangalore


Indulgent Bangalore


Vintage Bangalore

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