Make the most of our Summer Offers

Listed below are a few hacks on how you can get the best deal when you visit us

Brand For A Brand*

  • Pay full price for a spectacle frame & get 30% off on sunglasses of select luxury brands.

  • Bring a friend/family member along, let them buy a frame/sunglass and you can get the frame/sunglasses that you always wanted. Avail 30% off on the sunglasses and split the benefit

  • Club it with the Essilor Offer and get a great deal for yourself on a pair of prescription frames and sunglasses

Crizal Happiness*

  • Pay full price for 1 pair of Crizal lenses (single vision/ progressive/ bifocal) and get 50% off on the 2nd pair

  • Combine it with "brand for a brand offer" and get 30% off on select luxury branded sunglasses

  • Get one pair of lenses for play and the second for work at 50% off

  • Get one pair of sunglass lenses for biking/ cycling/ trekking/ driving and one for indoors at 50% off

Maui Jim*

  • Get INR 4000 off on contact lenses or spectacle lenses when you buy a pair off Maui Jim sunglasses

  • Contact lenses can be of your prescription or use it for "0" powered coloured contact lenses worth INR 4000

  • If you have a spectacle prescription then bring your own frame and we will shave off INR 4000 on the lenses that is fitted into it. 

* All offers are valid only till April 30th 2021.

The importance of Sunglasses

The summer sun can be pretty harsh. Just like how one applies sun screen when stepping out or shields their skin from the sun with cloth, wearing sunglasses will help protect your eyes and the skin around it too. It helps prevent or delay the onset of age related eye problems like cataract and macular degeneration. Wear only good quality, 100% UV protected sunglasses! Read more...

A sneak peek at what we have in store to offer!

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  • Try it on!