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Offers & Promotions

Yes in addition to our loyalty points service, we do extend offers that our partners design for their respective brands. As a part of our commitment to going green, we only run promotions when we absolutely can't service a brand or product or when our partners run national campaigns. Else our purpose is to sell you clean, responsible and quality eyewear with no compromise on sight at all.

Crizal Happiness Offer!

Buy one pair of Crizal lenses from the Essilor product portfolio; from us and get 50% off on your 2nd pair of Crizal Lenses. Prescription needs to be the same for both pairs. This offer can not be combined with other discounts, promotions and/or loyalty points. Offer ends on June 30th, 2023.

Limited Period Offer. GET IN TOUCH with us today!

Web Banner Buy One Get 50% Off on 2nd Pair.jpeg
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