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  • About Us | S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians | Bengaluru | Top10 optical stores in Bangalore

    SHOP CLUB SRGR SHOP About Us We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. This text isn't scripted but it is written by none other than the family that manages the business. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists (SRGR) is a cherished name with a legacy of offering services in optometry and opticianry since the late 19th century. Formed on the principles of trust and care, it is a brand with a commitment to precision-driven vision care and personalised attention, values it has become synonymous with. ​ Dedication to accuracy, focus on customer needs and a holistic approach to the customer’s purchase of prescription spectacles, lenses, sunglasses and other eye-wear accessories has made SRGR a brand well-loved by generations. To our customers we offer the widest possible range of luxury, premium and quality eye-wear from the best of brands globally. Along with in-house clinical and consultation services , we provide complete primary vision care that includes medical check ups, eye-sight testing and correction. ​ SRGR became a member of Platine Optic , an association established by Essilor, in 2005. In 2020, we were nominated as the first Essilor Experts in South India, a true testimony to our credibility in quality vision eye-care. Propelled with stellar entrepreneurship and endorsed by the erstwhile royal family of Mysore, S.R.Gopal Rao continues to drive excellence in optometry and optical retail, enjoying the same trust it has for more than a century. Today, SRGR has 3 boutique locations, a home brand labelled Getspexy and an Online Shop which ships across India. INTRODUCTION MEET THE TEAM The Founding Family Hemanth Manay Chief Executive Officer Hemanth is the 3rd generation business man to carry the legacy forward. He is a qualified optometrist with a Diploma from the Minto Ophthalmic Hospital Karnataka and over 40 years of practice in opticianry and optometry. Not only a businessman but also a philanthropist, Hemanth is a member and was the Director of Youth Services (2020-21) at the Rotary House of Bangalore. He plays an important role in the optical industry by being the Founding Member of the All India Optical Federation (AIOF) and a Council Member of Club Platine-Essilor. Uma Manay Business Manager Uma joined the family business in 2004 with the launch of the 2nd boutique store at Residency Road. She handles critical roles in sales, finance and inventory management. Uma has over 17 years of experience in dispensing spectacle frames, sunglasses and lenses. Not only is she an optician but she is also an avid golfer and the first lady member to be on the committee of Bangalore Golf Club, Karnataka. Meghana Manay Chief Operations Officer Meghana is the 4th generation to take over the reins of the family business. She joined SRGR in 2011 with the launch of the 3rd boutique store at Jayanagar. Meghana comes from a business background. She completed her undergraduation from the Centre For Management Studies in 2007 and her MBA from the India Institute of Management Bangalore in 2018. She has also completed a short term course in eye refraction techniques from Aravind Eye Hospital in 2016. Meghana has 10 years of experience in Dispensing Optics and 4 years of experience in PR & Marketing for other industries. The Team at Residency Road The Team at Jayanagar The Team at N.R.Road Ruth Senior Optometrist who has been with us for 14 years Bhuvana Senior Optician who has been with for 7.5 years Mary Teena Qualified Optometrist who has been practising for 7 years Mahesh Senior Optician who has been with us for 21 years Rukmini Senior Optometrist and Optician who has been with us for 9 years Sophia Senior Optometrist who has been with us for 4 years Triveni Chief Optometrist who has been with us for 20 years Kaushik Senior Opticians who has been with us for 9 years Aruna Optician who has been us for 4 years

  • Best Optical Collection | S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians | Eyewear shop near me

    SHOP CLUB SRGR SHOP Brands We Retail See our range of spectacle frames and sunglasses. We curate a limited selection of sun wear from brands that know how to make it best! Take a look at our stock of polarised and non-polarised eyewear. And yes, we do make prescription sunglasses! BRANDS We are authorised retailers for world class brands in spectacle frames, sunglasses and contact lenses. Each store holds over 2000 unique eyeglasses from eyewear makers located all around the world. Your search for unique brands like Persol, Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, Silhouette and many more; stops right here. Take a look at our curated, hand picked, collection of brands. ANDY WOLF Andreas Pirkheim (Andy) and Wolfgang Scheucher (Wolf), founders of Andy Wolf, had a VISION to create history. Andy Wolf was founded in 2006, initially small but eventually grew to meet the visions of both partners.They had an aim to fuse local and authentic craftsmanship with modern contemporary and innovative designs in order to make beautiful eyeglasses. Andy Wolf, a self owned manufacturing company, is now recognized worldwide in as many as 69 countries for their handmade sunglasses and optical frames which are crafted from materials like acetate and metal. While their acetate optical frames are made in Hartberg in Austria, the metal frames are produced in the Jura region of France. Few of the many celebrities who have Andy Wolf as their favourites are Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Caro Daur, Cate Blanchett and Oprah Winfrey. BOSS ORANGE ​ ARMANI EXCHANGE Armani Exchange is a brand created in the US back in 1991 by Giorgo Armani with an aim to make it a style icon for the youth. It focuses more on the contemporary style of sunglass and spectacle design which has made a significant statement for itself in the market. These eyeglasses are fabricated with strong, comfortable, glossy materials like metal, stainless steel, propionate and shell. Armani Exchange is a Luxottica licensed company that has its manufacturing base in Italy. BURBERRY Burberry is a British luxury brand established in 1856 which is now a formidable name in the list of sunglass and prescription eyeglass manufacturers. This brand is an example of design, innovation and craftsmanship. It was licensed under Luxottica in 2006 and since then has been a leader in luxury spectacles for both men and women. With recognizable and iconic designs, Burberry also focuses on maneuvering strong, durable and sustainable materials for its products.These eyeglasses are made in Italy. BOLLE Bolle, established in 1888 is a 130 years old French company which has its focus mainly on quality of the highest level which meets the two most important parameters of sunglasses and goggles that is PERFORMANCE AND PROTECTION. The first company to use a special celluloid material during its initial decade and an established name for using molded nylon. Bolle, a self owned company has cemented its name in manufacturing the highest grades of eyeglasses generally used for outdoor adventure sports and it has become a brand of trust for many world class athletes around the globe; with its main manufacturing hub being Oyonnax (France). BVLGARI Bvlgari, has been an Italian jewel magnet for several decades and is now an important eyewear and optical brand known for its luxury and glamorous designs. A Luxottica licensed company since 1997, it has sustained its name for its contemporary and unique yet superior quality optical frames. Metal and standardized shell materials contribute to its high quality and blends with some glamorous and attractive colours. Bvlgari has its main manufacturing hub in Italy. Prev 1 2 3 4 5 1 ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 10 Next WHAT'S NEW Take a look at our new products both in store and online. You can shop for sophisticated, quirky, stylish and classy luxury prescription eyeglasses from anywhere you like. 3 bourgeoning, boutique store locations exclusively located in Bangalore and an online shop that delivers across INDIA. Lindberg Eyeglasses Coco Air Titanium Rim Tom Ford Frames and Sunglasses Sophisticated Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses from Tom Ford Bold, eye-catching luxury eyewear from Cutler and Gross Fantastic, bold eyeglasses by Cutler and Gross. Iconic London based, designers and creators of eyewear. Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Spectacle Frames Chic and strong eyeglasses from Ray-Ban! Luxury eyeglasses from Maybach The head of your department? This is a spectacle frame that will suit work and leisure at best! Henry Cavill Boss Eyewear Hugo Boss and Boss eyeglasses on the iconic celebrity Henry Ca Oliver Peoples Eyeglasses Cop our new collection from Oliver Peoples. Timeless eyewear, thats sleek and seductive! Modo Eyewear Paper-thin rimless eyeglasses that are strong, durable and made from titanium! Ranveer Singh in Carrera Sunglasses Always ahead of style; a trend-setter with high standards! Raveer Singh in Carrera sunglasses. Out of gallery

  • Best Opticians in Bengaluru | Luxury Eyewear | S R Gopal Rao

    Better Vision, Since 1936 We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. A heritage, luxury brand, with 3 boutique stores located at the heart of Bangalore city. Our Offers And Promotions Know More The Brands That We House Know More CLUB SRGR Know More SHOP Hugo Boss 0884 Black 0R5 Tom Ford TF 5536-B Black 001 Modo 4600 Black Burberry B 1335 1003 145 Explore STORE, PRODUCTS & SERVICES Our Eyewear AntiFOG Kit Contact Lenses Eye chains & Slings MEDIA Service Excellence in Opticians & Optometrists - Times Healthcare Award 2019 Old Spectacles Find New Eyes Five Tips To Protect Your Childs Eyes During The Lockdown A boutique retail chain with 85 years in optics HISTORY & HERITAGE We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. This text isn't scripted but it is written by none other than the family that manages the business. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. We are constantly looking to understand and make the wearers experience perfect, if not optimal. We stock a wide range of products from lenses to frames & sunglasses. Our stores are located in Jayanagar, Residency Road & N R Road. Best opticians in Bangalore, India. Read More Getspexy is a distilling of the learnings from SRGR's meticulous quest of quality eyewear products. The aim is to combine appreciation of high quality products with the chic appeal, representing the suave, urban Indian. Check Us Out Subscribe Thanks for submitting! BE THE FIRST TO KNOW

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  • Try at Home or Office

    You don't need to travel to our location if you can't find the time or if travel is restricted or if the distance is a bother. Choose upto 30 pairs of eyeglasses (in advance, via WhatsApp) and our Optician will carry those with him when he visits you at your place of convenience. This could be your home or office location. - The Optician that will visit your location has minimum experience of 9 years of working with us (Mr.Mahesh or Mr.Kaushik) -The amount of INR.650 will be adjusted against a purchase of INR.7000 or more for the same order. - This fee will cover the cost of travel and time for only one visit and any subsequent travel will have to be paid on actuals (if needed). - There is no home testing included in this visit. It is applicable only for the selection of spectacles and lenses.

  • Online Consultation with an Optician

    Get assistance on any purchase related to spectacles and sunglasses. Our trained Opticians will help you out with details on prescription lenses and frames that are available at our stores. You can make use of this service from the safe comfort of your home. Book an appointment with us and an Optician from our team will reach out to you at the prefixed time.

  • Online Consultation with an Optometrists

    If you have a doubt or question related to your eyes, spectacle or contact lenses please book an appointment with an Optometrists from our team and we will address your queries.

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  • We Feel 2022! What About You?

    Fashion has been changing for millennia; the dramatic shifts in fashion trends are fascinating as they represent the wearer's personality. It also reflects the bold to subtle choices that make them who they are. Every year, the trend evolves based on the geographical setting, the impact of external and internal influences on a person or a group of people, and the effect of cinema and celebrities. In 2021, the pandemic and factors related to it have had a significant impact on fashion trends; #eyewear is no exception to this. The most popular #eyeglass trend in 2021 was an incredible range of oversized frames for maximum protection from the virus, indicating how fashion is based not just on appearances but also on societal changes and their evolution. The ability to adapt to these changes and external influences while also embracing one's personal preferences is what constitutes a trend. So, to give an insight into some promising trends in 2022, we have compiled a list for you. No 1. Bold shapes and design maximalism The most expressive accessory that somebody may own is a pair of eyeglasses. It completes the look one is trying to achieve and is considered essential by many. What could make the best, better? Of course, bold shapes and design #maximalism, makes a more striking statement. Boldly shaped #eyewear and bright colours go hand in hand; this helps emphasise the strong personality of an individual and draws attention to the contour of the face. The trend is a go‑to and will always have a place in the hearts of those who love retro and those who love to colour block. These edgy eyeglasses will let you attain any style you desire. If chosen correctly for the occasion, the stunning and stern, bold shapes will deliver just what is required. It can give a picture of determination, also an evasive style that will showcase professionalism. More colours and repeated patterns that do not devolve into disarray will undoubtedly make you a show‑stopper. Not to forget Indian fashion has had a significant influence on this trend as Maximalism, unlike its counter‑ style #minimalism, finds Indian design its home. #CutlerandGross, #Marciano, #DolceandGabbana, and #Gucci are just a few of the labels who celebrate and honour this fantastic style. So, if you have an eye for statement eyewear, now is the time to invest. We assure you the collation of Bold shapes and maximalism will be a popular style in 2022. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION OF EYEGLASSES BELOW. CLICK ON THE LINK TO SHOP THESE PIECES ONLINE. No 2. Innovations and appearances #Eyewear is nowadays quite #innovative, and the recent trend that goes hand in hand with this is to figure out the many innovations and flaunt it as they own it; because the choice of glasses is about much more than simply how it appears. People purchase brands based on technological advancements and the purposes that they serve. Brands such as #Silhouette, #Modo, #Lindberg and #Gotti are pioneers in frame construction, #MauiJim is the best in the field of #sunglass #lens technology, and #RayBan has been constantly evolving in terms of tech integrations. Some people also favour brands like #EmporioArmani and #Esprit, which serve the objective of saving the #environment with their eco‑friendly material adaptations that advocate noble intentions. As this trend grows, some people are opting for personalised spectacles that incorporate their suggestions with innovative trends. The ultimate goal is to acquire the desired appearance, regardless of the many innovations. According to the majority, #eyeglasses are the most dependable means of achieving this. It has, indeed, evolved into an item that people switch out on a daily basis to suit their looks. Be it a want to project #minimalism, #impressionism, #pointillism, or any other, the correct choice of spectacles will help one. So, owning a pair of glasses that helps one achieve a certain look while making choices for its invention, and the production process is an emerging trend that will undoubtedly become a fashion in 2022! TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION OF EYEGLASSES BELOW. CLICK ON THE LINK TO SHOP THESE PIECES ONLINE. No 3. Bright colours While eyewear is becoming more than just a need for bettering one's vision, it is a vital addition that improves the overall aesthetic. What better way to improve any look than make a statement with brightly coloured #eyewear? The brighter, the better. Isn’t it? Many people use coloured #eyeglasses to show off their favourite style, and the colour of the frames can reveal their personality. There are various compelling reasons why some people might opt for coloured #spectacle #frames rather than the traditional black and silver. They demand statement getups; which is possible with bright colours and prints as it draws attention to the wearer. The distinct hues represent different points of view and expressions. Brightly coloured #glasses can make quite a statement, implying self‑assurance and enjoyment making it the best choice for those who prefer this trend influenced by pop art. #Lindberg, #Gucci, #Ferragamo, and #Giordano are some of the brands that popularised this approach and embrace vibrant colours, along with D&G that welcomes eclectic designs. These brands not only set trends but also assist people in displaying their true selves. Lets approach the new year super brightly! TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION OF EYEGLASSES BELOW. CLICK ON THE LINK TO SHOP THESE PIECES ONLINE. No 4. Classic style What if we told you that you could buy a pair of glasses that will forever be fashionable? Yes! Classics like rectangular frames, #Browline or #Clubmaster, #tortoiseshell, and round #glasses can exude elegance and charm. Ray-Ban, #HugoBoss, #MontBlanc, #OliverPeoples, and #Cartier are among the brands that best understand the concept of timelessness and produce splendid classics. These modern‑day sophisticated spectacles are not the same as those from the past – they may have a nostalgic vibe, but they have distinct contemporary aspects, tones, and forms. They can be worn as a memorable accent to complete any outfit. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION OF EYEGLASSES BELOW. CLICK ON THE LINK TO SHOP THESE PIECES ONLINE. No 5. Recreating history with vintage staples #Vintage #glasses are yet another trend that never goes out of style. #Fashion evolves, but it always seems to repeat itself at some point. Vintage has a strong impact on the eyewear industry, particularly #sunglasses. Vintage #eyeglasses keep their owners abreast of current fashion trends with a strong historical resemblance, as brands including Ray‑Ban, Oliver Peoples, and #Persol will attest to it. Vintage eyewear such as horn‑rimmed frames, cat‑eye glasses, rimless eyepieces, and thick shell frames help reveal one's identity and personality to the rest of the world. The impression is classy, young, contemporary, trendy, and out of the ordinary. Why not go back in time and choose a vintage eyepiece in 2022 if you want to redefine your eyeglass style? We're confident it'll be a big hit! TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HANDPICKED COLLECTION OF EYEGLASSES BELOW. CLICK ON THE LINK TO SHOP THESE PIECES ONLINE.

  • What Makes S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians Different

    ​As a boutique independent retail chain, we have invested well and taken pains to ensure that you are safe when you shop with us. We realize that Covid-19 is here to stay and while it is unknown as to how long this is going to be around it is important for legacy businesses to survive & do what ever is best suited for the healthy and safety of our customers & teams. We DO NOT expect you to compromise on your health & safety when you visit us as such we have adapted our stores (rapidly) to the meet the requirements of the current environment. The health of our teams & customers is the utmost priority at this time. While services like the reorder of contact lenses (a self service which can be done by you through our online website, the team is always there to assist), replacement of spectacles frames and lenses can be done through phone/online communication, so that you don't need to step out of your home; others like eye check ups and new sets can be purchased from our outlets comfortably. Precautions taken at our stores are : Appointment based visits are encouraged so that social distancing can be practiced at all times At the entrance you will be greeted by a person who will screen your temperature, given you hand sanitizer, shoe covers and a disposable mask if you don't already have one. Please bear with us and follow these protocols Frames, counters, floors, furniture and equipment are sanitized using the appropriate solutions after each visitor leaves Only a section of the store is accessible to customers with appropriate distance maintained. Optometrist will carry out eye refractions by wearing full personal protective equipment and they sterilize the equipment after each use. Opticians have masks, face shields and gloves for handling frames and lenses We have installed counter separators at every store and on each counter, this acts as a protective shield Air purifiers with hepa filters are installed at the N R Road outlet to ensure healthy air circulation Our lenses are made using state of the art technology and in the safest condition Customers are requested to wear their face mask to cover their nose & mouth, at all times when inside the store and pull it down only when they are trying on eyewear. Customers are requested to leave their footwear at the entrance (we do the same) or wear the shoe covers provided at the entrance. Please bear with us as this is important to maintain store hygiene For re-ordering contact lenses, reading glasses & solution : For lens replacement services : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at For frame replacement services : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at For new frame & eye check up : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at

  • Five tips to protect your child’s eyes during the lockdown

    Studies have shown that too much screen time and excessive near vision work (like reading) can affect a child’s sight. Like adults, children are also impacted by dry eyes and screen fatigue caused by prolonged usage of devices. There’s a theory that also suggests that one of the reasons for the increase in the number of individuals who suffer from myopia (expected to be an alarming 50 per cent of the world’s population by 2050), is the excessive use of digital devices and prolonged reading hours. However, experts have not been able to come to a conclusion on this. Another study by the American Academy of Paediatrics recommends keeping all screens off around babies and toddlers younger than 18 months. They also say little screen time for children over two years of age and limited to one hour per day should be okay. During this pandemic, parents may find it challenging to keep their children occupied all the time as such succumbing to giving their children additional screen time. Moreover, with most parents working from home the attempt to juggle multiple tasks becomes all the more difficult, given the number of distractions around. Unfortunately, the solution cannot be to encourage outdoor activities for children during the pandemic, thus trying to keep them occupied while indoors becomes necessary. As such, our recommendation is to not take away the screen time or reading time but to reduce the child’s consumption of it and do the following things: The simplest thing to do is to remind them, every now and then to blink when watching the screen or reading. Set a timer or find a way to distract your child every 30 minutes to remove your child’s focus from the screen. Only when they look away from a prolonged fixed distance do their eyes relax and blink rate returns. Instead of only reading on a tablet or phone, encourage them to read real books and engage them with good old indoor board games. Place the digital media at least 18 to 24 inches away from your child. Encourage them to hold it at this distance when watching the screen in an appropriately illuminated space. Maintaining good posture when using the computer or reading is important; the screen should be placed at eye level. Adjust the monitor settings so that the brightness of light from the devices matches that of the surrounding and check for glare on the screen. A study conducted by Brain & Cognitive Sciences Professor- Daphne Bavelier from the University of Rochester states that gaming improves other visual skills, such as the ability to track several objects at the same time and paying attention to a series of fast-moving events. It also states that the ability to see contrast of the individual increases significantly, by 58 per cent for those who play action video games. So, if you must allow screen time then some good, regulated action games for entertainment would be a wise option. Apart from this, given the circumstances, this would be the best time for parents to notice any unusual habits that children follow during screen time. Are they sitting too close to the TV, squinting or tilting their head when trying to focus, closing one eye when trying to read or watch something, frequently rubbing their eyes or complaining of headaches and tired eyes? While headaches and tired eyes could be caused by excessive screen time or ‘computer vision syndrome’, if it persists even after, then an eye check-up would be recommended post the lockdown. All these habits are indicative of myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia in the child and there is no reason to be alarmed of such but necessary to get the child’s eyes tested once things settle. It is important to have the child’s eyes dilated by the practitioner at the time of examination. Blurred vision can impact the child’s studies and performance at school or in sports too. The child may not recognise it as attributed to vision problems, so the best way to score this off is to get your child’s eyes tested at least once every year or when noticeable habits like these develop. Hemanth Manay is CEO and Chief Consultant Optometrist, S R Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists and article is shared as published in The Indian Express on 22nd May 2020.

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