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  • Traditional Eyewear Bangalore | S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians | Bengaluru

    Traditional Bangalore See the Traditional Bangalore Collection | Be Trendy - Go Traditional! | See Bangalore Better Home to writers like Shashi Deshpande, playwrights like Prakash Belawadi, nuclear physicist Late Raja Ramanna, mega film star Late Vishnuvardhan and the man who kickstarted the IT revolution, N R Narayana Murthy, ‘Jaya’nagar is indeed home to champions of every stripe. ​ Arguably one of the largest residential areas in Asia, Jayanagar, is subdivided into a seemingly mind boggling array of 10 blocks, including the 4th ‘T’ Block. And, when you venture into the labyrinthine Jayanagar 4th Block market, it does seem like an entire continent of people has descended upon it. Many of them mill about ‘Cool Joint’ and ‘Hot Chips’. Others make the trip craving some mango bhel, or Dharwad Peda, or crisp dosas from Ganesh Dose Camp. Simultaneously, hordes haggle with hawkers selling everything from vegetables in Janatha Bazaar, to silks and strings of jasmine, ornate gold jewellery to trinkets and balloons on the streets outside. Jayanagar & Basavangudi 1/1 Jayanagar will always be special... The market area retains a certain nostalgic air, for longtime residents. Some fondly recall the Puttanna Kanagal Theatre, renamed after one of the most famous Kannada film directors ever. Inaugurated in the late seventies, the single screen that could house a 800+ strong audience, Puttanna theatre was one of the most modern cinemas of its day. However, today, the razed site lies forlorn, amidst talks of a grand revival. Still others are moved to take a trip down memory lane when they pass by South End and the historic Ashoka Pillar, erected to mark the southernmost end of the city. The city has expanded way past its original boundaries and Jayanagar too has morphed into a glitzier avatar. The choicest international brands, a new crop of restaurants, a couple of drinking places and multiplexes may seem a little out of place in this classic part of Bangalore...however, Jayanagar has always been truly cosmopolitan in the ways that matter. 1/1 1/1 For the Ganesha Temple has always been a stone’s throw away from one of the city’s largest mosques. It’s stark white marble Jain temple a quick walk away from a beautiful church. And its streets home to polyglots who speak a mix of Urdu, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, and Kannada with ease. Easy access to some of the city’s most well known colleges like National College, NMKRV and Vijaya College, hospitals, multiple parks including Lalbagh, and presence of a large BMTC bus depot have all made this one of the most livable parts of town. And Jayanagar will always have an extra special place for SRGR, as 3rd Block houses our 3rd store, that began operations in 2011. So join the hubbub of the marketplace, or step away and find your own oasis of calm, in the large and cultured vistas of Jayanagar. For this locality that began as a planned residential layout way back in 1948 seems to have lost none of its mojo, almost 70 years hence. And much like SRGR, Jayanagar goes to show that some things become a true classic with time... One look and these sunnies scream designer. Maui Jim sunglasses were created on the shiny, happy, Hawaiian Islands to make the world a cooler place. Their products feature the patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology for brilliant colour so every detail is crisper and cleaner and without glare or harmful UV. Slip on a pair and See The Brilliance. This particular piece is a rectangular shaped beauty in a rose pink colour. With its clean lines they are sure to complement a range of facial features. The Collection 1/1

  • Best Opticians in Bengaluru | Luxury Eyewear | S R Gopal Rao

    - best opticians for eye tests bangalore - sunglasses at best prices in jayanagar - opticians in my area bangalore - lens replacement service in bangalore - best contact lenses showroom in Jayanagar bangalore optics near me Better Vision, Since 1936 We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. A heritage, luxury brand, with 3 boutique stores located at the heart of Bangalore city. optical near me Our Offers And Promotions Know More The Brands That We House Know More Our Myopia Management Centre Know More SHOP Coach HC 5128 9331 Armani Exchange AX 1029 6105 Modo 4600 Black Maui Jim MJ786 Lava Tube 2M Explore STORE, PRODUCTS & SERVICES Our Eyewear AntiFOG Kit Contact Lenses Eye chains & Slings MEDIA How Fifth-Generation Entrepreneur Meghana Manay Is Preserving Her Family’s Century-Old Optician Brand Get Glasses & Cases To Suit Your Style & Personality At S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians Five Tips To Protect Your Childs Eyes During The Lockdown End grim 2020 on a high note: A guide to super-indulgent year-end shopping HISTORY & HERITAGE We are the pioneer opticians in Karnataka with roots dating back to the 19th century. Quality products, precision in dispensing and service is our main focus. This text isn't scripted but it is written by none other than the family that manages the business. Visit us to understand our processes and the care that goes into dispensing each item. Every eye piece in our store is important and so is every customer. We are constantly looking to understand and make the wearers experience perfect, if not optimal. We stock a wide range of products from lenses to frames & sunglasses. Our stores are located in Jayanagar, Residency Road & N R Road. Best opticians in Bangalore, India. Read More Getspexy is a distilling of the learnings from SRGR's meticulous quest of quality eyewear products. The aim is to combine appreciation of high quality products with the chic appeal, representing the suave, urban Indian. Check Us Out Subscribe Thanks for submitting! BE THE FIRST TO KNOW

  • Funky Sunglasses Bangalore | S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians | Bengaluru

    Brave Bangalore See the Brave Bangalore Collection | Calling All Riddlers, Makers & Bakers! | See Bangalore Better 8 blocks, 1800 acres and a million ideas. Koramangala is the crucible for the everything bold and new. With a new startup mushrooming in the area almost everyday - there is a palpable sense of energy all around. It is hard to imagine, then, that the area was nothing more than a forgotten, damp swamp until the late 70s, when the first settlers came in to build their homes. What might have possessed them to choose this place for a brand new beginning? ​ ​ Perhaps, Koramangala’s original inhabitants shared the same appetite for risk as its current residents do. For each block is home to entrepreneurs who have left cushy, well-paying corporate jobs, to pursue a dream. And they seem to be onto something...with desi startups raising a staggering $3.5 billion in the first half of 2015 alone! Koramangala 1/1 Its young residents are possibly drawn to the legacy of Koramangala.... No wonder humble 2 BHKs have become hives of startup activity and Koramangala’s Costa coffee outlet now has a reputation for being a great networking venue. Hip, new co-working spaces draw technology whiz kids from all over the country, who talk passionately about the latest startup think tank, and their next investor pitch meeting. Koramangala - is the brave, new, face of Bangalore. And it is for people with an appetite for the new and the untried. ​ Its young residents are possibly drawn to the legacy of Koramangala - which in the 90s saw IT biggies like Wipro, Infosys and Microland open up their offices there. Next came stories of startups that hit pay dirt, with Flipkart being the most well-known of them all. And now, there seems to be no stopping the wave. With Swiggy, Ola, and other big names putting down roots here, Koramangala is the epicenter of change. 1/1 1/1 Some people fashion the world into a better place. By buying a pair of these metal frames by United Colors of Benetton you are buying into a whole lot of social good! For this Italian fashion major is not only synonymous with youthful style, it stands for sustainable, ethical choices as well. The perfect choice for the Brave Bangalorean then who is excited and hopeful about a brighter, better future and ready to build it! The Collection 1/1

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  • Contact Lenses - Keratoconus & RGP

    Book an appointment with us at our N.R.Road store and get personalised clinical services. Our store is equipped with experienced optometrists and state of the art technology that can different types of clinical services - contact lenses for patients with Keratoconous, RGP contact lenses and Myopia Management, apart from regular eye examinations. We recommend that you book an appointment before visiting us, so that you can make the most of your visit. Know more about the contact lenses that we dispense : Know more about Keratoconus and RGP contact lenses :

  • Child Eye Examination

    Book an appointment with us at our N.R.Road store and get personalised clinical services. Our store is equipped with experienced optometrists and state of the art technology. We are fully equipped to complete a thorough eye examination for adults while also being able to detect if children have myopia at an early age, followed by counselling, providing solutions and treatment for the same. Monitoring and attending follow up eye examinations is a large part of Myopia Management.

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  • Ultimate Guide for Men to Choose the Best Glasses Frames

    They are your silent partners-in-crime at a poker game, the best wingmen on a first date, and your road to success when you have to nail that presentation. Wondering what we’re talking about? Of course, your one steady friend you cannot do without - your eyeglasses! In finding the right pair, every gentleman would have to know that the devil is in the details. As curators of style at S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists, we've seen trends come and go, but we’re here to help you pick out the most classic eyeglass frames for men. In this blog, let us take you through the best glasses frames for men, how to style eyeglass frames for an occasion, and what some of the best men’s designer glasses frames are to help you keep that look classic. Strap in, boys. It's time to take our eyewear game to the next level! Crafting Your Signature Look With The Right Glasses Frames For Men Style Eyeglass frames for men should be more than just vision aids! And choosing the right glass frames for men is an art. But not to worry, we’re here to help. For those with an affinity for timelessness and the old classics, men's designer eyeglasses provide that classic edge. From MayBach to Ray-Ban, there’s something for everyone! On the other hand, if your style is one of innovation and experimentation, collections from Philipp Plein, Off_White, Palm Angels or Prada will give you the perfect tools for self-expression. Angular shapes, unexpected material, and the rainbow spectrum of colours will help you embrace your individuality with confidence! The most fitting frames should align seamlessly with your facial features, integrate with your wardrobe and personal style, and withstand everyday life while maintaining their form and function. P.S. - If you are someone who lives in the city of Bengaluru, come down to our stores and let us help you find the right style of glass frames for you! Colour and Versatility When it comes to selecting glass frames for men, the colour palette you choose is as crucial as the shape and style. As always, the classic black and clear transparent rims are the quintessential choices, adapting to almost everything in your wardrobe seamlessly, and matching with almost every skin tone and face shape. These classic colours can get your boardroom to dinner date ready in a flash. Equally timeless is the tortoiseshell, with its rich and mottled patterns, to add a touch of that old-world charm to your style, whether you are in a suit or casual weekend wear! For the man who enjoys the spotlight, the contemporary eyeglass market offers eye glass frames for men in a spectrum of bold colours. A pair of red, blue or white frames can serve as the focal point of an outfit, showing your confidence and personal style. Pro Tip: consider how the colour of your frames will play against your skin tone, hair colour, and the typical colours in your wardrobe. The most flattering choices will complement your natural colouring and will be easy to pair with a majority of your clothing. Frames for Every Occasion Every pair of glasses frames for men serves a purpose beyond just vision correction. For example, the versatility of frames like aviators. Transcending beyond their military origins, aviators have become a symbol of adventure and style. While picking out the right frames, whether sunnies or prescription eyewear, it is important to decide what you’re usage is going to be like - are you having a luxurious holiday? Or a safari in the jungle? Are you going to be in the office all day? Or are you heading out to Sunday brunch? Knowing your usage will help you determine what it is you need to buy those perfect frames. Comfort and Durability Comfort is paramount when it comes to eyeglass frames for men. Your frames should ideally not press down against the cheeks or slip down the nose or press against the temples on your sides. At S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists, we understand that the fit of the frame is as critical as its fashion statement. Materials like Mazzucchelli’s acetate, titanium, stainless steel and carbon fibre stand out for their resilience and flexibility, offering a durable solution. Selecting the best glass frames for men is about finding that sweet spot between enduring comfort and enduring style. In the pursuit of the best glass frames for men, S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists offers a curated collection that caters to the multifaceted lifestyles of men. Whether you seek timeless classics or colourful attention-grabbing frames, our selection is designed to meet your needs. Remember, the quintessential pair of glasses for you are those that bolster your confidence, complement your comfort, and exude your unique style.

  • The Ultimate Trends for Kids' Eyewear

    Are you ready to make a splash with the most awesome eyewear trends for your little munchkins this summer 2024? This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how we can keep our kids looking cool, seeing clearly, and staying protected this summer. It's not just about the looks—though let's be honest, we all love a bit of style—it's also about making sure their eyes are well taken care of. So, let's dive into this world of kids' eyewear, shall we? The World's Their Rainbow This summer is all about letting kids express themselves with eyewear in every colour of the rainbow—and I'm not exaggerating! Picture neon greens, electric blues, and every shade of fun in the sun. And the shapes? Oh, the shapes! Some rectangle, some round, some even rectangle AND round! But First, Quality and Clarity But here's the deal: amidst all this fun, quality and prescription accuracy take precedence. We want those frames to last longer than a summer swim and the lenses to be so spot-on that not a single detail of fun is missed. Because what's the point of super cool glasses if they don't do their job, right? Trends in Kids’ Eyewear to Look Out For This year's trends are packed with features that cater to the rough and tumble of childhood. Flexible frames that bend without breaking, materials that are tough yet lightweight, eyeglasses with attachments to keep the frame firmly in its place and lenses that block harmful UV rays and blue light from screens. And our collection for little ones is eyewear that's as playful as it is practical with summer frames that are not only durable but also come with all the important features that lenses need. Myopia Management for Children The biggest change in the eyewear industry for kids’ has to be the increased number of myopic children today. Managing myopia in kids is increasingly important as rates of this condition rise globally. Myopia, or nearsightedness, impairs distant vision and can progress rapidly during childhood. Early intervention is key, involving comprehensive eye exams to diagnose and monitor myopia's progression. Treatment options include prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses designed to slow myopia's advancement, and, in some cases, orthokeratology (Ortho-K) lenses worn overnight to reshape the cornea. Effective management not only improves vision but can also reduce the risk of developing serious eye conditions associated with high myopia later in life. Flexible Frames for Children Flexible frames are particularly important for children's eyewear because they can withstand the high-energy activities and occasional mishaps that are typical in a child's daily life. These frames are made from materials that can bend, twist, or stretch without breaking, offering durability and longevity. This flexibility also contributes to a comfortable fit, reducing the risk of the glasses causing discomfort or injury during play. Essentially, flexible frames mean glasses are more likely to stay intact and in place, making them a practical and safe choice for kids. Revolutionising Kids' Eyewear with Fashion, Quality, and Affordability Brands like Pitt & Mitt and SeeSaw are setting a new standard in the market by introducing international fashion trends to India at affordable prices. These brands have carved a niche by offering eyeglasses that blend quirky styles, vibrant colours, and top-notch quality without breaking the bank! Pitt & Mitt and SeeSaw stand out for their commitment to providing stylish and durable eyewear options that cater to the dynamic lifestyles of children. By incorporating a wide array of designs—from playful and colourful frames to more sophisticated styles—they ensure that children can express their personality and preferences through their glasses. International Trends in Kids’ Eyewear The landscape of children's eyewear is witnessing a remarkable transformation, with premium and luxury brands like Lindberg, Vogue, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Carrera stepping into the arena. These renowned names are expanding their horizons by offering a range of eyeglasses specifically designed for the younger demographic, seamlessly blending high-end fashion with functionality. Lindberg, known for its minimalist Danish design and innovative use of materials, brings its sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to children's eyewear, ensuring durability and comfort without compromising on style. Vogue, synonymous with the latest fashion trends, offers kids a chance to express their personality through vibrant colours and modern designs. Oakley and Ray-Ban, brands rooted in a legacy of iconic eyewear, adapt their signature styles for kids, merging their adventurous spirit and timeless appeal with the needs of a younger audience. Carrera, with its rich heritage in sports and fashion eyewear, introduces dynamic and sturdy frames ideal for the active lifestyles of children. This movement towards creating luxurious and high-quality eyewear for kids not only caters to the demand for stylish options but also emphasises the importance of proper vision care from a young age. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, these brands are setting new standards in children's eyewear, ensuring that kids no longer have to choose between comfort, luxury and style. Why Quality and Prescription Matter Quality and accurate prescription in kids' eyewear are fundamental because they directly impact a child's vision development, comfort, and safety. High-quality frames are essential for durability, ensuring glasses withstand the active lifestyle of children, and for comfort, preventing any irritation or harm during wear. Accurate prescription lenses are crucial for correcting vision precisely, and supporting learning and daily activities by preventing eye strain and headaches. Together, they ensure eyewear not only fits the child's needs but also promotes healthy eye development and supports overall well-being. Choosing the right eyewear is about striking a balance. We want our kids to express their personalities through their glasses, but we also want to protect their eyesight. So, as we gear up for a summer filled with memories, let's make sure our kids' eyewear is up for the challenge. It's about blending that killer style with eye care. Brands like SeeSaw, Pitt & Mitt, Oakley, Carrera and Ray-Ban are here to make sure your kiddos are ready to tackle everything summer throws their way, all while looking adorable. Let's make this season one for the books, with eyewear that's as ready for fun as our kids are. Cheers to clear vision and endless adventures!

  • A Guide to learn about the best Treatments for Keratoconus

    When it comes to the health of our eyes, we often take our vision for granted. We never stop to think when the situation might change for our eyes. Keratoconus is a progressive eye disorder that significantly alters an individual’s visual abilities. But for those who suffer from a condition called Keratoconus, daily life can be a constant struggle. In the first part of our article, we'll delve into what Keratoconus is, its causes, and the symptoms it presents. Let’s start with the basics What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus (K’Conus) is a condition with progressive, non-inflammatory bilateral corneal ectasia, affecting one eye more than the other. It manifests with a characteristic cone-like steepening of the cornea associated with irregular stromal thinning, resulting in a cone-like protrusion and significant loss of vision. What causes Keratoconus? The interplay of genetic predispositions and environmental triggers in the diagnosis and treatment of Keratoconus is undetermined and a subject of ongoing research. Studies are exploring genetic markers associated with the condition, alongside external factors such as ultraviolet exposure and allergens, aiming to uncover prevention and early detection strategies. Yet, several associations have been identified, which include rubbing of the eye, Down Syndrome, Atopic Disease, Connective Tissue Disease, and genetic disposition. What are the first clinical signs of Keratoconus? The first symptoms of Keratoconus appear during puberty or late teens. Symptoms usually look like blurred vision, sensitivity to light and glare, double vision/distorted vision, and constant itching and rubbing of the eyes. It is often accompanied by significant Myopia, irregular corneal astigmatism &  stromal thinning. The corneal thinning and the asymmetric astigmatism both occur in the area of the corneal protrusion, which is often inferotemporal. The Clinical Evaluation of Keratoconus Corneal Topography and Pachymetry are the prime diagnostics used in the diagnosis and evaluation of Keratoconus in addition to slit-lamp bi-microscope evaluation. Corneal Topography Pachymetry Back in the day, as old as the 1800s, a Placido’s Disc was used to detect irregular corneal astigmatism. What are the treatments available for Keratoconus? The available treatments are highly dependent on the stage of the condition and its progression. If the condition is stabilised (non-progressive), it is corrected by Sphero-Cylindrical Correction in the form of eyeglasses which can also improve vision. Non-Surgical Solutions for Treating and Managing Keratoconus If the condition is progressive, the emphasis is to slow down (arrest) the progression by RGP Contact lenses, Keratoconus lenses (Rose-K, Accucone contact lenses), and Scleral contact lenses. Advanced Contact Lens Treatments Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses As Keratoconus advances, achieving clear vision with standard eyeglasses or soft contact lenses becomes increasingly difficult. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses are a vital treatment option, providing a durable and consistent vision correction alternative. Specially designed lenses, like Rose-K and Accucone-K, are crafted using digital processes to ensure a perfect fit, accommodating the cornea's irregular shape with precision. Scleral Lenses For those seeking further comfort and clarity, Scleral lenses are another option in the treatment of Keratoconus. These larger lenses rest on the white part of the eye (the sclera) and vault over the cornea, creating a fluid-filled chamber that corrects vision by smoothing out irregularities and providing hydration to the corneal surface. C3R Procedure If the keratoconus is progressing, Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking(C3R Procedure) may be indicated to slow it down or prevent it from getting worse. C3R is a non-surgical treatment but is classified as a procedure as it takes place in the operation theatre. Surgical Management of Keratoconus You may need surgery if you have corneal scarring, extreme thinning of your cornea, poor vision with the strongest prescription lenses, or an inability to wear any type of contact lenses. Depending on the location of the bulging of the  cone and the severity of your condition, surgical options include: Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments (ICRS) For mild to moderate keratoconus, your eye doctor may recommend inserting small synthetic rings in your cornea. This treatment can help flatten the cornea, which can help improve vision and make contact lenses fit better. Sometimes, this procedure is done in combination with corneal cross-linking. Cornea Transplant If you have corneal scarring or extreme thinning, you'll likely need a cornea transplant. Depending on your situation, your eye doctor may recommend replacing the whole or part of your cornea with a healthy donor tissue. A cornea transplant is also known as a keratoplasty. Early diagnosis helps prevent the condition from worsening. The Critical Role of Regular Eye Exams Stressing the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams for early detection and intervention of Keratoconus can lead to better treatment outcomes, emphasising the necessity of these eye examinations in identifying early signs of the condition. The Psychological Impact of Keratoconus The emotional and psychological challenges of living with Keratoconus can be significant. Addressing the impact on daily life, social interactions, and mental health, alongside resources for psychological support, is crucial for comprehensive care. Living with Keratoconus can be daunting, but understanding the condition and the available treatments can transform the outlook for those affected. From spectacle lenses to advanced RGP and Scleral lenses, a variety of solutions exist to combat the challenges posed by this eye disorder. With ongoing advancements in the Keratoconus eye condition treatment, patients have access to cutting-edge options that can lead to significant improvements in vision and quality of life. The journey through diagnosis and treatment requires patience and a proactive approach to eye health. By staying informed and working closely with eye care professionals, individuals with Keratoconus can navigate their condition more effectively, embracing clearer and brighter vision. Keratoconus presents a unique set of challenges, but with the right approach and access to modern treatments, it's possible to manage the condition successfully. Want to know how to prevent, manage and treat Keratoconus? Book an appointment with our optometrists today!

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