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Ultimate Guide for Men to Choose the Best Glasses Frames

The Ultimate Guide for Men to Choose the Best Eyeglasses

They are your silent partners-in-crime at a poker game, the best wingmen on a first date, and your road to success when you have to nail that presentation. Wondering what we’re talking about? Of course, your one steady friend you cannot do without - your eyeglasses! In finding the right pair, every gentleman would have to know that the devil is in the details.

As curators of style at S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists, we've seen trends come and go, but we’re here to help you pick out the most classic eyeglass frames for men. In this blog, let us take you through the best glasses frames for men, how to style eyeglass frames for an occasion, and what some of the best men’s designer glasses frames are to help you keep that look classic.

Strap in, boys. It's time to take our eyewear game to the next level!

Crafting Your Signature Look With The Right Glasses Frames For Men


eyeglass frames for men

Eyeglass frames for men should be more than just vision aids! And choosing the right glass frames for men is an art. But not to worry, we’re here to help. 

For those with an affinity for timelessness and the old classics, men's designer eyeglasses provide that classic edge. From MayBach to Ray-Ban, there’s something for everyone! 

On the other hand, if your style is one of innovation and experimentation, collections from Philipp Plein, Off_White, Palm Angels or Prada will give you the perfect tools for self-expression. Angular shapes, unexpected material, and the rainbow spectrum of colours will help you embrace your individuality with confidence! The most fitting frames should align seamlessly with your facial features, integrate with your wardrobe and personal style, and withstand everyday life while maintaining their form and function.

P.S. - If you are someone who lives in the city of Bengaluru, come down to our stores and let us help you find the right style of glass frames for you! 

Colour and Versatility

When it comes to selecting glass frames for men, the colour palette you choose is as crucial as the shape and style. 

As always, the classic black and clear transparent rims are the quintessential choices, adapting to almost everything in your wardrobe seamlessly, and matching with almost every skin tone and face shape. These classic colours can get your boardroom to dinner date ready in a flash. 

Equally timeless is the tortoiseshell, with its rich and mottled patterns, to add a touch of that old-world charm to your style, whether you are in a suit or casual weekend wear!  

For the man who enjoys the spotlight, the contemporary eyeglass market offers eye glass frames for men in a spectrum of bold colours. A pair of red, blue or white frames can serve as the focal point of an outfit, showing your confidence and personal style. 

Pro Tip: consider how the colour of your frames will play against your skin tone, hair colour, and the typical colours in your wardrobe. The most flattering choices will complement your natural colouring and will be easy to pair with a majority of your clothing. 

best glasses frames for men available at s r gopal rao opticians

Frames for Every Occasion

Every pair of glasses frames for men serves a purpose beyond just vision correction. For example, the versatility of frames like aviators. Transcending beyond their military origins, aviators have become a symbol of adventure and style. 

While picking out the right frames, whether sunnies or prescription eyewear, it is important to decide what you’re usage is going to be like - are you having a luxurious holiday? Or a safari in the jungle? Are you going to be in the office all day? Or are you heading out to Sunday brunch? Knowing your usage will help you determine what it is you need to buy those perfect frames. 

Comfort and Durability

Comfort is paramount when it comes to eyeglass frames for men. Your frames should ideally not press down against the cheeks or slip down the nose or press against the temples on your sides. 

At S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists, we understand that the fit of the frame is as critical as its fashion statement. Materials like Mazzucchelli’s acetate, titanium, stainless steel and carbon fibre stand out for their resilience and flexibility, offering a durable solution. Selecting the best glass frames for men is about finding that sweet spot between enduring comfort and enduring style.

In the pursuit of the best glass frames for men, S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists offers a curated collection that caters to the multifaceted lifestyles of men. Whether you seek timeless classics or colourful attention-grabbing frames, our selection is designed to meet your needs. Remember, the quintessential pair of glasses for you are those that bolster your confidence, complement your comfort, and exude your unique style. 

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