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Teaming up for a Better Tomorrow

We are committed to ensuring that your waste and discarded eyewear; old and soiled lenses do not end up in a landfill. In every business, the most crucial aspect is the partnership, which idolises the same objectives. S.R. Gopal Rao has this ideal collaboration for the better. We are honoured and appreciative of our partners and our consumers’ support. We want you to be able to fully comprehend what we've been up to with our colleagues and here is all the information you need. We'd want to share our initiatives with you; our customers & family, in the hopes of inspiring you to go green and inspire others by you. 

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Corugami is a partner who values eye-catching designs and the environment, as well as supporting ethical enterprises. They understand sustainability and come from a variety of backgrounds that all revolve around it. 

Corugami helps us with our exterior packagings, such as tuck boxes and spectacle cases that are made from recycled paper and is biodegradable, adaptable, portable, durable, and cost-effective. For Getspexy and S.R.Gopal Rao, we make certain to utilize recycled paper rather than virgin paper; as a result, our packaging has improved, and our consumers love it.

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Kevali is our beautiful partner that helps us with upcycling our old and discarded, hard spectacle cases. Kevali and S.R. Gopal Rao work on repurposing these spectacle cases to give it a new life. This is a collaboration that contributes to the creation of not only environmentally friendly spectacle cases but also elegant and appealing ones. Kevali combines these old cases with waste denim to give it a new life!

  • Kevali Designs
Bangalore Creative Circus-Waste to Art.jpg


Bangalore Creative Circus

Bangalore Creative Circus is a flourishing community of artists, scientists, cooks, gardeners, visionaries, and change makers who are all committed to inspiring and supporting a regenerative culture for both people and processes. In terms of space and ideologies, we've partnered with Bangalore Creative Circus. We've been working with Bangalore Creative Circus on our ecological projects since the beginning, and we'll continue to do so. We're also including them in our waste management effort, as we'll be sharing our old/discarded glasses with them to convert it to something new and better. 

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  • Bangalore Creative Circus Website


The Wolf Jaipur

Wolf is an aesthetics-focused and co-creative practice; with its headquarters in Jaipur. They create transitory experiences inspired by our own landscapes to share tales about the planet. Extensive artworks come together in public displays to tell a story about societal issues about which they want to promote consciousness. Their work is a true merger of art and conscience, and they make every effort to make it as participative as possible. Wolf Jaipur works with the waste collected by S.R.Gopal Rao and makes wonderful art with it. So far, Wolf has created a lot of art out of our trash and has made us proud by displaying it all over the world.

  • The Wolf Jaipur
  • Wolf Jaipur
Wolf Jaipur.jpeg
The Second Life_Upcycled Cases.png


The Second Life Bangalore

The concept of second life is based on the interconnectedness of the ideologies of the three R's : reducing, reusing, and recycling. S.R.Gopal Rao and The Second Life have gone a long way. We've worked together on initiatives like upcycling spectacle waste and making art out of trash. They assist us in making spectacle cases out of recovered felt and scrap tire tubes. They've also created a bucket to collect our trash and abandoned eyeglasses.

  • The Second Life Instagram
  • The Second Life



Terrazzo is used by Kaipanee to personalize handcrafted cementitious flooring. We just worked with this incredible company to produce stunning backgrounds. We worked together to make effective, visually appealing, and environmentally friendly use of our discarded eyeglasses.

  • Kaipanee Instagram
Kaipanee After Upcycling.jpeg
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Noissue is a Korean startup that provides unique, sustainable packaging to manufacturers, brands, and enterprises of all kinds.

The Noissue approach is defined by its dedication to sustainability, which mirrors that of S.R.Gopal Rao, and we are honored to collaborate with such a reputable business. We partner with No issue to procure packaging that is both protective of our courier boxes and home compostable; which is extremely important for our purpose. 

  • Noissue Korea Instagram
  • Noissue Korea Website
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