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8 blocks, 1800 acres and a million ideas. Koramangala is the crucible for the everything bold and new. With a new startup mushrooming in the area almost everyday - there is a palpable sense of energy all around. It is hard to imagine, then, that the area was nothing more than a forgotten, damp swamp until the late 70s, when the first settlers came in to build their homes. What might have possessed them to choose this place for a brand new beginning?

Perhaps, Koramangala’s original inhabitants shared the same appetite for risk as its current residents do. For each block is home to entrepreneurs who have left cushy, well-paying corporate jobs, to pursue a dream. And they seem to be onto something...with desi startups raising a staggering $3.5 billion in the first half of 2015 alone!


Its young residents are possibly drawn to the legacy of Koramangala....

No wonder humble 2 BHKs have become hives of startup activity and Koramangala’s Costa coffee outlet now has a reputation for being a great networking venue. Hip, new co-working spaces draw technology whiz kids from all over the country, who talk passionately about the latest startup think tank, and their next investor pitch meeting. Koramangala - is the brave, new, face of Bangalore. And it is for people with an appetite for the new and the untried.


Its young residents are possibly drawn to the legacy of Koramangala - which in the 90s saw IT biggies like Wipro, Infosys and Microland open up their offices there. Next came stories of startups that hit pay dirt, with Flipkart being the most well-known of them all. And now, there seems to be no stopping the wave. With Swiggy, Ola, and other big names putting down roots here, Koramangala is the epicenter of change.

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Some people fashion the world into a better place. By buying a pair of these metal frames by United Colors of Benetton you are buying into a whole lot of social good! For this Italian fashion major is not only synonymous with youthful style, it stands for sustainable, ethical choices as well. The perfect choice for the Brave Bangalorean then who is excited and hopeful about a brighter, better future and ready to build it! 

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