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Home to writers like Shashi Deshpande, playwrights like Prakash Belawadi, nuclear physicist Late Raja Ramanna, mega film star Late Vishnuvardhan and the man who kickstarted the IT revolution, N R Narayana Murthy, ‘Jaya’nagar is indeed home to champions of every stripe.


Arguably one of the largest residential areas in Asia, Jayanagar, is subdivided into a seemingly mind boggling array of 10 blocks, including the 4th ‘T’ Block. And, when you venture into the labyrinthine Jayanagar 4th Block market, it does seem like an entire continent of people has descended upon it. Many of them mill about ‘Cool Joint’ and ‘Hot Chips’. Others make the trip craving some mango bhel, or Dharwad Peda, or crisp dosas from Ganesh Dose Camp. Simultaneously, hordes haggle with hawkers selling everything from vegetables in Janatha Bazaar, to silks and strings of jasmine, ornate gold jewellery to trinkets and balloons on the streets outside.

Jayanagar & Basavangudi

Jayanagar will always be special...

The market area retains a certain nostalgic air, for longtime residents. Some fondly recall the Puttanna Kanagal Theatre, renamed after one of the most famous Kannada film directors ever. Inaugurated in the late seventies, the single screen that could house a 800+ strong audience, Puttanna theatre was one of the most modern cinemas of its day. However, today, the razed site lies forlorn, amidst talks of a grand revival. Still others are moved to take a trip down memory lane when they pass by South End and the historic Ashoka Pillar, erected to mark the southernmost end of the city. The city has expanded way past its original boundaries and Jayanagar too has morphed into a glitzier avatar.


The choicest international brands, a new crop of restaurants, a couple of drinking places and multiplexes may seem a little out of place in this classic part of Bangalore...however, Jayanagar has always been truly cosmopolitan in the ways that matter.

For the Ganesha Temple has always been a stone’s throw away from one of the city’s largest mosques. It’s stark white marble Jain temple a quick walk away from a beautiful church. And its streets home to polyglots who speak a mix of Urdu, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, and Kannada with ease. Easy access to some of the city’s most well known colleges like National College, NMKRV and Vijaya College, hospitals, multiple parks including Lalbagh, and presence of a large BMTC bus depot have all made this one of the most livable parts of town.

And Jayanagar will always have an extra special place for SRGR, as 3rd Block houses our 3rd store, that began operations in 2011. So join the hubbub of the marketplace, or step away and find your own oasis of calm, in the large and cultured vistas of Jayanagar. For this locality that began as a planned residential layout way back in 1948 seems to have lost none of its mojo, almost 70 years hence. And much like SRGR, Jayanagar goes to show that some things become a true classic with time...

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