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Prescription and Non-prescription; Spectacles and Sunglasses Lenses that we house!

S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians has been in the business of dispensing eyewear for over 100 years now, so when we suggest a brand to our patrons it is bound to be from one of the best. At SRGR we retail several brands of lenses both national and international, such as #Essilor, #Zeiss, #Rodenstock, #Nova, #VisionRx, and #Nikon, and suggest the best lens depending on the prescription as well as the needs of the wearer.

Let’s find out more about the brands that we retail.

Essilor: Being an Essilor Expert makes SRGR a key beneficiary in receiving the latest in vision technology developed by Essilor globally, helping us provide the best vision care to you. It also makes us one of the few retailers to stock a select and coveted range of #Crizal and #Varilux lenses which are considered to be one of the best lenses for prescription glasses. These lenses are armed with an anti-reflective coating applied on the lenses which cuts out artificial light reflections, make scratches less likely, and repels dust. Thus, these are recommended to people who have a high volume of digital or computer work. Some of our bestselling lenses are Crizal Sapphire UV with BCT, Crizal Sapphire, and Crizal Easy Pro.

So the next time you visit us for an eye check-up, don't forget to upgrade your eyewear with a pair of best-in-the-business Crizal lenses. The different kinds of brands that Essilor has in its portfolio are: Crizal, Varilux, Blue UV Capture, Transitions, Eyezen, Stellest, Xperio, and Optifog which are available for single vision, bifocals as well as progressive lenses.

Zeiss: #Zeiss is a brand that is synonymous with quality and expertise when it comes to Optics and optoelectronics. Besides the eyeglass lenses, Zeiss is also renowned for its camera lenses and binoculars. With the discreet laser engraving on the lens, Zeiss guarantees outstanding precision and quality through its lenses and technology available for dispensing the same.

Nova: A trusted name in vision care, Nova offers lenses for prescription spectacles as well as sunglasses that boast a variety of benefits such as blue light filter, ultra clarity, and HD vision. But they’re best known for their sports lenses which promises ultimate visual clarity while providing protection from high glare and contrast. So if you're a sports junkie in need of the best pair of prescription glasses, this is the go-to lens brand for you.

Nikon: They not only make you look good but they also make your eyes see better! We’re talking about the Nikon lenses, which are considered to be one of the world leaders in optical glass manufacturing. With over 100 years of experience, Nikon has steadfastly upheld a heritage of uncompromised performance and unparalleled quality.

Combining the art and science of vision, Nikon has proven expertise in providing high-precision optics, from photography to optical lenses. But what really sets this Japanese brand apart is the precision and protection they provide the wearers with their sharpest tailor-made lenses, and light mastery to create an exceptionally detailed vision. So if razor-sharp vision is what you're looking for from your pair of eyeglasses, then there’s no parallel to Nikon lenses.

Rodenstock: #Rodenstock has been in the business of manufacturing top-quality lenses and frames since 1877 and is world-famous for its biometric progressive lenses based on DNEye ® technology. Created especially for those with progressive power, these lenses promise sharp vision at all distances without any visible edge in the lens or the power changes being recognizable from the outside. So if you're looking for lenses that are both durable and have the sharpest clarity, Rodenstock is your pick!

Vision RX: At SRGR, we stock up on not only international but even reputed national brands for providing you with the best options for all your eyewear needs. One such brand is Vision RX Labs, an internationally renowned joint venture of Vision RX Labs and Essilor. Known for producing advanced digital lenses, the company has been producing high-quality organic and mineral Rx lenses for around 60 years.

And that's why when we say that at SRGR you can safely trust our expertise in providing you with the best lenses for your eyewear, we totally mean it. So visit us for a consultation today to check out how these lenses can be used in your next pair of prescription eyewear or sunglasses to upgrade them for a fresh new look! Book an appointment with us today.


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