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Eyecare Tips to keep in Mind while Travelling

Pack your bags, grab your passport, and... wait a minute—did you remember to pack for your eyes? Yes, you read that right. Your eyeglasses need a travel plan too! 

Yes, read this again: if you want to explore the world's beauty, you’ve got to keep those eyes healthy! And that means meticulous care for the eyes, and practising eye care tips for travellers. Even if you are not an avid traveller these tips can be super helpful!

Travelling has exploded post-pandemic! So many places to see, yet resources be it time or money can always make it a challenge. But as we scratch that itch, it’s important to care for the eyes, through which you experience the world’s beauty and magnificence. 

In this blog, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how to care for the eyes while travelling. 

Eyecare Essentials: The Prep Work

Do you religiously pack a medical kit while planning for your travels? Yes, of course you do. Do you pack a kit that cares for the eyes? Yes, that’s what we thought. The answer is always a resounding no. 

So, here are our tips on caring for your eyes while travelling and what needs to be packed in the kit. And surprise surprise, it starts before you get on that plane, or sail on that boat. 


get a pre-eye exam, pack extra pair of glasses, carry meds, use protective case, use protective glasses for eye safety

1. Get a pre-trip eye exam

Before you scale mountains or dive deep in the ocean, get a quick eye check-up done, if you haven’t already. An annual eye check-up is a must but a more purposeful one might be needed if you are travelling for sports or diving and so on. It's not just about clear vision—it's about catching health flags early. Had eye surgery recently? Your ophthalmologist needs to be on your packing team.

2. Pack an extra pair, always!

Glasses, contacts, and yes, those cool shades—double up. Because nobody wants to squint at the Eiffel Tower.

3. Have you got your allergy shield?

Changing climates can wage war on your eyes. Pack your meds and save your adventures from becoming itchy-eyed misadventures.

4. Protective case for glasses? Check!

Glasses are not just vision tools; they're travel buddies. Give them a cosy case to rest in while you're out conquering the world. And prevent them from getting scratched, bruised and beaten up in your suitcase or handbag.

5. Are you going on a beach vacation?

Swim goggles aren't just a fashion statement. They're your defence against the eye-stinging chlorine and sand. Carry them and use them too! 


Don't ignore symptoms and skimp on sunglasses

1. Ignore Symptoms

Blurry vision is more than just a sign that you've been at the hotel bar too long. Get it checked, pronto!

2. Skimp on Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are your personal bodyguards against the sun's harmful rays. Choose 100% UV protection or even better polarised and go big—literally. Bigger frames, better coverage.

But what if you have contacts on?


What to do when you have contact lense on

1. Keep 'Em Clean

A case and solution are your lenses' best friends. And remember, napping and contacts are not buddies—give your eyes a break and get those glasses out. Of course, you still look cute!

2. Timely Replacement

Just like your travel outfits, your contacts need timely changes. 


Avoid tap water for washing contact lenses

1. Water Warning

Tap water and contacts? A big no-no. Keep those bacteria-laden droplets away from your eyes, we’re not sure what’s in there!

2. Again, the allergies

If you are someone prone to allergies, you must keep those contacts packed well and safely in your suitcase. Choose glasses over contacts!

Your eye health and hygiene journey

Here’s what you should do: 

Stay hydrated always and do cleanse and compress the eyes

1. Stay Hydrated

Your eyes are thirsty too! Drink up to keep those tears flowing and your vision clear.

2. Cleanse and Compress

Wash off the day's adventure and soothe your eyes with a warm compress.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do: 

Don't touch your eyes when contact lense on and don't smoke

1. Please do not touch

Keep those hands off your eyes unless they're squeaky clean.

2. No, you should not smoke

Your eyes hate smoke as much as you hate flight delays. Avoid it.

Make your eyes travel-ready with S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists

We all want to see the world— the little roads, the big lakes, the mountains, the beaches, the flowers, and the birds. But while you do so, it’s important to care for the eyes. 

We hope you found our read on eye care tips while travelling to be informative. We’ve got your eyes covered - from top-notch eyewear to trendy sunglasses. 

Pack these tips along with your travel essentials and set your sights on a journey that's kind to your eyes!


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