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Super charge your lenses with an additional coatings to protect your eyes from the sun and screen

Whether you use your eyewear for vision correction or for making a fashion statement, choosing the correct lens for your eyewear is necessary. And the correct lens coating can provide the added benefit of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun or the screen. There are multiple coatings available for your eyewear based on the different needs of the eyes. So whether you spend more time outdoors exposed to dust and pollution or indoors in front of a screen, lens coatings are a must to protect your eyes and your lens from weathering. Right lens coating means sharper vision and fresher eyes!

Some of the different kinds of lens coatings are:

  • Anti-Reflect and Blue Light: People who spend significant time looking at or working on digital screens #bluelight

  • Transition: People who equal amounts of time both outdoors and indoors and switching between the same. #transitions

  • Anti-glare: For people who spend a lot of time outdoors, driving, traveling in extreme weather or playing sports. These lenses cut out glare giving your sharper clarity and visual comfort. #antiglare #polarised

  • Night driving: People who drive at night time – both in-city and highway driving. #drivesafe #essidrive

  • UV protection: People who spend time both indoors and outdoors. All good quality lenses are by default UV protected. #uvprotected

  • High index: People with higher prescription, looking for lightweight frames, lesser visible thickness and higher visual comfort. #thinlenses

  • Water-repellant: people who have an active lifestyle, and spend time in the outdoors. #waterrepellant

  • Scratch, dust and smudge resistant: people who have an active lifestyle, want their lenses to be protected when exposed to the harmful effects of dust, pollution and oily stains.

#Photochromic lenses and clip-on lenses are especially popular amongst those who are not a fan of different eyewear for indoor and outdoor use or spend too much time in brightly lit spaces. Photochromic lenses, popularly known as #transition lenses, seamlessly adapt to changing light situations making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive eyes. Responding to the light around us, these lenses intelligently change from clear to dark when we go outdoors, and back to clear when we return inside. One of the reasons many people prefer transitions or clip-on lenses in their prescription glasses is the protection they provide to eyes that are light-sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light.

At SRGR, we dispense only tried and tested products from world class lens manufacturers like #Essilor, #CarlZeiss, #Nikon, #Rodenstock and so on. So whether you're looking for a pair for daily use or a stylish pair of sunnies for your next holiday, you can now select from a wide range of lenses to customise your personal pair of eyewear.

Inspired to update your eyewear or wanting to try out either of these lenses for your current pair? Visit our store or book a consultation with our team at the store.


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