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Shopping online, with an eye for detail

Books, electronic appliances, furniture, groceries, clothes, precious jewellery and now eyewear, everything is available online. Oftentimes the online shopping experience is superior because a wider range of products are on offer at attractive prices.

We at S R Gopal Rao have always taken pride in embracing change and catering to customer’s needs, since 1936. And recognising the need for an online store, SR Gopal Rao now retails fine eyewear through its own website and its chic online store called GETSPEXY . Online too, you can expect the same level of quality, trust and service that you have come to expect of us over the years. However, ordering spectacle frames, contact lenses or sunglasses online can be a little tricky. We have, therefore, put together a handy list of do’s and don'ts while shopping for eyewear online.

Choose frames that suit your lifestyle

At SRGR, we take care to understand your lifestyle and specific needs before prescribing frames and lenses. Do you wear your spectacles while running or working out? Do you wear contact lenses while riding your bike? If you have specific needs, it is best to come in for a physical consultation where you are assured personalized attention and care.

Our on call services today consists of frame or lens replacements, re-order of contact lenses, purchase of contact lens solutions and/or ready to use reading glasses. You can find all these on the existing website or on

Don’t be short-sighted while choosing progressive lenses

Other online stores may not tell you this but progressive lenses cannot be processed correctly without pupillary distance marking, and capturing this information online may lead to errors. And errors can prove expensive. Individuals can fall while navigating steps, not gauge traffic correctly while driving or see double when faced with oncoming lights. If you require bifocal and multifocal lenses, please make the effort to procure them in-store only.

Necessary markings to maintain accuracy can only be addressed over the counter for accuracy. In keeping with this idea, SRGR online only retails single vision products online. No progressive or bifocals are dispensed online unless it is a replacement of old lenses, because our customer satisfaction, safety, and comfort come first, always.

Making the switch to contact lenses for the first time?

Contact lens technology has advanced tremendously. Today, customers can choose from daily, monthly, yearly disposable, and coloured contact lenses. Contact lenses power varies from your regular spectacle power and come in different sizes. And if you have astigmatism or cylindrical power, there are different contact lenses that are needed. So as a first time contact lens wearer it is very important that you consult experts to make the right choice. When you walk into our store, optometrists at SRGR will fit you with lenses that are most comfortable, and advice you on how to wear and care for them daily. So, please don’t take the risk of ordering lenses without an in-store visit for the first time. Image Courtesy :

Pick brands you know and trust

If you are trying out a new product or choosing an unbranded pair of frames it is best that you visit a store physically to get a ‘touch and feel’ sense of the product. It is hard to assess material quality online, even with all the technology at hand. Also, we strongly urge you to avoid buying from unauthorized retailers online.

Offline and online, SRGR takes pride in maintaining exact quality standards. In order to maintain our reputation as retailers of fine eyewear, we never stock sub-standard products. All frames and sunglasses are selected by the management. Unbranded products too are procured with care and new products are first tried in house before being recommended to customers.

Check for after-sales service

Always check for after-sales service when you buy eyewear online. Because service is still done offline, in stores. Offline vendors do not service frames unless it is from their online-counterpart. However, S R Gopal Rao ensures a seamless experience for our customers. We are the authorized retailer for several brands and we ensure that our customers can rely on the same quality of service even if they purchase eyewear on our online store.


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