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See the Future of Eyewear with SRGR! 👓

For most people, fashion is an exciting concept. A deeply studied and discussed construct, it is constantly changing, much like the cycle of seasons, and is the basis of how people around the world choose their personal style. Every year, fashion forecasts are something people anticipate.

As the awareness of fashion grows, so does the option of not following it precisely and using it as a source of inspiration for our own style. In a post-pandemic world, a lot of people favour a mix of both comfort and practicality with that of fashion. Thus, trends become more of a suggestion rather than a rule.

Eyewear trends are no exception when it comes to fashion trends, as they define one of the most crucial aspects of our body - our eyes. The right eyewear with the perfect lenses can not only define, but also enhance our peepers while shielding them from the glare of the sun and the screen. It is said that the ideal eyewear can give someone a completely different persona, be it meaningful or menacing, depending on the type of eyewear chosen. So whether it is ordinary spectacles for daily use, contact lenses for special occasions, or chic and bold sunglasses for fashion, eyewear should be selected thoughtfully and judiciously.

Wondering what style to choose in the year 2023 to make your eyes turn heads? Thumb through this guide that we have created to get an insight into what is predicted to be hot this coming year!

Futurism is here and how!

Image Courtesy : Emporio Armani (instagram handle) | This model is available in store with us

Not for the faint hearted, futuristic looking eyeglasses are all set to be the hottest trend in 2023. Inspired from all your beloved sci-fi shows these glasses are going to be a spin on the existing wrap-around athletic frames or a play on the construction of the angular oversized styles, some even with a clear shield kind of lens. With the advancements in wearable technology, these glasses will also come fitted with tech that lets you record videos or even take calls. Ready for the future? You will be with a pair of these frames in your kitty.

Thicc is chic

Image Courtesy : Cutler & Gross (instagram handle) | This brand is available in store with us

If bold and maximal was the name of the game in 2022, then thick rimmed frames are set to be all the rage in 2023. Whether round or square, in a spectrum of colours; big, and large, thick rim frames are set to bring the drama to the party in 2023. With softer and bolder colour palettes, more fluid silhouettes, embellishments, tinted lenses, and transparent frames, thick rimmed frames are going to light up every fashionista’s face this coming year with their comfortable yet luxurious style.

Understated elegance, minimalist style

Image Courtesy : Lindberg (instagram handle) | This brand and eyeglasses are available in store with us

A true blast from the past, super thin wire rimmed frames, especially in metal are all set to make a comeback in 2023! With a modern updated refresh in design and crafted in a plethora of colours such as, silver, sheer skin tone silhouettes, pastels, nature-inspired patterns, with double bridges and even in futuristic-looking style, super thinned frames will be perched prettily on every trendsetter facecard this year.

Green is the new black

Image Courtesy : Getspexy | This brand and eyeglasses are available exclusively in store with us

With the rising climate change consciousness, eco-friendly glasses will become even more popular amongst people of all ages. With companies working towards minimising their carbon footprint with the products they produce, expect innovations in materials used to create more eco-friendly eyewear such as natural wood, recycled plastic, cork, and bamboo. Brands will also foray into making not just eyewear but also accessories such as eyewear case, cleaning cloths, and packaging completely recyclable and biodegradable. Not compromising on style one bit, these earth-friendly options will go towards easing your conscience while leaving you looking oh-so stylish at the same time. Check out S.R.Gopal Rao’s in-house brand Getspexy, which has created an absolutely stylish range of wooden eyewear called Breathe.

Shapeshift your eyewear

Image Courtesy : Gotti Switzerland (instagram handle) | This brand is available in store with us

Geometric-styled eyeglasses got its name from its hexagonal or octagonal shapes, and don't seem to be going out of trend any time soon. It is predicted that in the coming year, the style will evolve with a blend of classics such as aviators or d-frames with geometric styles to create an ultra-modish look for 2023. The versatility of the geometric frame is what makes it hugely popular giving the wearer plenty of options to choose from. Not to mention the instant style glow it gives to the face of the wearer.

It's cool to be flamboyant!

Image Courtesy : Versace (instagram handle) | This brand is available in store with us

While blacks, browns, gold, and silver have always been the go-to colours for any eyewear frame, 2023 is the time when colourful frames will truly emerge into power. Frames that boldly scream daring and let you stand apart from the crowd will rule the fashion. Whether in geometric, or cateye, clean thin silhouette or oversized frames, colours like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and any other that a wearer can think of will be the top pick in the coming year. With innovation in materials used in making of the frames, brands are set to bring out a true cornucopia of colours that will leave the wearers spoilt for choice.

Overall, it’s going to be an exciting year for eyewear as designers will continue to explore new materials and unexpected shapes to create unique designs that make a real fashion statement. A renewed focus on minimalism, statement pieces in smaller sizes that make a big impact, bold rims, bright colours, and exaggerated frames will all make an appearance on the eyeglasses of fashion-forward individuals.

So get ahead in the fashion race by stocking up on these trends from our online and offline stores, to flaunt them with style! S.R.Gopal Rao is set to prep you with the latest eyewear to help you steal the show in 2023.

If you want to cop these styles get in touch with us or visit any of our stores today!


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