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Yes! To NGOs; not just today, but, every day.

As we celebrate World NGO Day today, we pay tribute to the NGOs that play the role of aiding the society to be more civil and in helping advance peace, security, and prosperity at the local, regional, and global levels by celebrating our association with the NGO, Essilor Vision Foundation, India.

NGOs represent the concerns, interests, and rights of the general public and the voiceless; they are drivers of development and long-term peace, and they can help create a place for debate and discussion. S.R.Gopal Rao and Essilor Vision Foundation teamed together to serve the less fortunate because we share the desire to give back to society. Since NGOs' affiliation with other companies with well-known names helps reach out to a greater variety of people and aid them, Essilor Vision Foundation and SRGR aim to provide better vision and dedication to giving underprivileged people the opportunity to improve their lives through better eyesight. In an effort to achieve this, SRGR and EVF-India came together and organised many initiatives.

The First of Many

Essilor Vision Foundation and S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians at Krishnagiri and Sajjan Rao School

After teaming up, we donated 103 prescription eyeglasses to those affected or infected with HIV and their caregivers at Arcod NGO in Krishnagiri. Following that, at Sajjan Rao Charitable School, eye screening for a total of 378 students was organised, of which 20 required eyeglasses/vision correction.

Eye Screening for the Special

Essilor Vision Foundation and S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians at Cubbon Park

We set up a free eye screening for differently-abled children in Cubbon Park in 2019. We conducted eye screening for around 600 + children and donated 60 pairs of glasses.

Partnership that matters

Mr.Dharmaprasad accepting the award on behalf of Essilor Vision Foundation and S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians

Our partnership doesn't just help us help anybody but also help us in helping those that make us proud. We recently partnered with Special Olympics Bharat to conduct and donate eyeglasses to Special Olympics participants, children, and adults. The Golisano Foundation recognised our efforts for this initiative and presented us with an award.

On World NGO Day 22', we will not only celebrate the NGOs that work for the welfare of societies and act as a bridge between society and government, but we will also try to become a part of it. During his interview, Mr. Milind Jadhav, Senior Director - Inclusive Business & Philanthropy - South Asia, Essilor Luxottica, stated that philanthropy is good and that supporting NGOs will help you with your societal contributions. NGOs donate their time, skills, and experiences to the public. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) support initiatives that the government cannot do on their own. They understand problems and can relate to those of the general public. Correspondingly, Mr. Milind believes that giving back to society has an effect on those who support themselves.

Everyone has to struggle to make a name for themselves in this world, and people must endure adversity in order to reap the benefits of their success. Each of us is unique. We have a particular set of beliefs and have different ideas about different things, and this individuality makes humans interesting. So, let us attempt to find our ideals and the NGO that supports them. We encourage you to support your favourite cause. Contribute your time and effort in any way possible.

It is incredible to honour groups that help a society free of all biases and social injustices. We're marking the occasion with some words from Mr. Milind Jadhav, Essilor Vision Foundation-India. We've created a video and a blog for you as part of our attempt to encourage people to support those who work persistently for good causes and demonstrate that humanity is still alive and strong. Please visit our YouTube channel to discover more about S.R.Gopal Rao's involvement with Essilor Vision Foundation, India (a non-profit organisation).


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