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Evolving-A Way of Life in Bangalore

What makes Bangalore special? Is it the old world charm that unites neighbourhoods as different as Cooke Town and Girinagar? Is it the chameleon like ever-shifting appeal of the high streets of Indiranagar and MG Road? Or is it a bit of both? This combination of sleepy-town-meets-electric-activity sets our ooru apart from any other. Things are always evolving, even when seeming to stand still. So here is a list of experiences that captures the spirit of change, here and now.

A Touch of France, in Bangalore

Not so long ago, Church Street was known more for its dive bars and bookstores, but suddenly, over the past year or two it has transformed into a hip hotspot again. This is in part due to the emergence of cool new spaces like Numa BLR. Numa (formerly Cobalt) is many things to many people. It is a co-working space for entrepreneurs eager to get their startup off the ground. It is a cultural hub that hosts talks, documentary film screenings, garage sales, design workshops and more. And since March 07th it has evolved into the Numa Cafe.

The big idea is to have a changing menu with different food startups running the kitchen. What better way to get feedback than feeding real, live customers? However, the Cafe at Numa now has a French touch, for they have

roped in French food truck company, Le Casse Croute to cater. Drop in for French press coffee, airy desserts,

sandwiches and more. And become a part of this vibrant scene of entrepreneurs, artists, and foodies who are always hungry for change. Image Courtesy: Numa BLR

Farm to Table anyone?

In the recent years there has been a move to go back to the ditch the conveniences of pre-packaged, microwaveable, fast meals and get in touch with the earth and its bountiful produce again. You can rejuvenate your senses, get away from the city, and experience the thrill of slow-food all at a farm on the outskirts of the city.

While there are many farms that welcome volunteers, Hariyalee’s Farm to Table Visit, in collaboration with A Green Venture, takes the experience one notch higher. Visitors get to understand natural farming techniques, learn all about Indian heirloom seeds and get hands on by plucking salad leaves, fruits and vegetables for their healthy lunch themselves! Interact with the farmer and resident expert Dr. Prabhakar Rao and come away feeling enthused to start your own kitchen garden. Sign up for updates on their next outing here!

Image Courtesy: Green Venture


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