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Over the last two decades, Bangalore has changed and how. Today its new avatars are many - startup capital included. In the past few years, the city has emerged as a cycling capital of the country, and is a mecca for runners, football lovers, bike enthusiasts and athletes in general.

From being known for its draught beer and hole in the wall pubs in the 90s, today it has become brewery central with the government doing its bit to encourage the microbrew business. And while the dot com business in the 2000s attracted the first wave of valley-returnees, today Whitefield has again become home to seasoned hands from the tech industry from all over.

Bangalore is always promising and delivering on new experiences. We have put together a list of a few of these events, workshops and activities that can help you explore, all that the city has to offer.

Saddle Up!

On 7th May, the kind folks at ICycle organised a ride from Bidadi to Magadi via Manchanabele Dam and Savandurga Forest. Participants assembled in Sadashivanagar before heading out of the city. The 30 km long cycling trail itself is perfect for newbies and meanders through a lake, dam, forest and a temple, with enough stops for you to take in the scenery. Riders got to cycle on tarmac and test their MTBs on a muddy road as well. You can even rent cycles from ICycle!

If you have bought a cycle that is slowly gathering dust, if you are looking to find a group to kickstart your love for the sport, or if you want to escape the confines of the city for a few blissful hours and head out to greener pastures, this is the time to do it! Look out for similar activities on their website.

Image Courtesy : ICycle

If running is your first love, sign up for the The Tougher 10K scheduled to take place on the 10th July, 2016. Over 7000 Bangaloreans pounded the streets last year, and this year too fitness enthusiasts are sure to be out in full force to make sure you start training and register early to secure your place under the sun.

Pretend to be on the sets of Mad Men

Make yourself an Old Fashioned. Or learn how to pour a Manhattan. Make sure your Mojito isn’t too sweet and that the Cosmo hits the spot. If you have always rued the fact that it is hard to find good cocktails in the city, why not just learn how to make your own? Get in touch with Tulleeho, who will set up a special cocktail-gurukul for a group of friends, in the privacy of your home.

Tulleeho have been conducting wine and whisky appreciation workshops, bartending classes, wine tours, in Bangalore and other metros for over a decade. And what better way to spend a spirited weekend than learning to mix some deadly cocktails, and tasting them to make sure you got it just right?

Image Courtesy :

Go Food Truck Hopping

Food TV addicts who could only drool at the offerings on Eat Street (the show that brought food truck culture into our living rooms) can now have their fill of gourmet and homestyle offerings right here in Bangalore.

The past year or so has seen this trend catch on, and the city is now home to at least a dozen mobile kitchens that serve up everything from Pork Vindaloo to PBJ sandwiches, beer battered fish and beef burgers, to brownies, ice creams, desi chaats, Mexican churros, Newyork style hotdogs and more. Each food truck has their own set of followers and favoured haunts, you can follow the truck of your choice on Facebook and live track them on Twitter, or find many of them in one space, during events like Kitsch Mandi.

The foodies at LBB have done a great job listing every single food truck that is making its way through our city, click here to induce some serious cravings and take your pick. Image Courtesy:


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