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Steps taken to create a Covid Free & Safe environment.

​We have taken several steps to ensure that our facility is kept absolutely clean and safe. The health of our staff, customers and self is the utmost priority at this time. As such we have moved several services of ours like reorder of contact lenses (a self service which can be done by you through our online website, the team is always there to assist), replacement of spectacles frames and lenses through phone/online communication, so that you don't need to visit us to avail these services. Fill out the correct form below and avail this service or call us on +9180-471-68060 if you have any doubts.

Precautions taken at our stores are :

  • Appointment based visits are encouraged so that social distancing can be practiced at all times

  • At the entrance you will be greeted by a person who will screen your temperature, given you hand sanitizer, shoe covers and a disposable mask if you don't already have one. Please bear with us and follow these protocols

  • Frames, counters, floors, furniture and equipment are sanitised using the appropriate solutions after each visitor leaves

  • Only a section of the store is accessible to customers with appropriate distance maintained from counter staff.

  • Optometrist will carry out eye refractions by wearing full personal protective equipment and they sanitise the equipment after each use.

  • Opticians have masks, face shields and gloves for handling frames and lenses

  • We have installed counter separators at every store and on each counter

  • Air purifiers with Hepa filters installed at the N R Road outlet to ensure healthy air circulation

  • Our lenses are made using state of the art technology and in the safest condition

  • Customers are requested to wear their face mask to cover their nose & mouth, at all times when inside the store and pull it down only when they are trying on eyewear.


For re-ordering contact lenses, reading glasses & solution :

For lens replacement services : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at

For frame replacement services : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at

For new frame & eye check up : Call Us on +9180-471-68060 or write to us at


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