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Indulgence-The Bangalore Way

Savoring a slow cooked meal, hunting for just the right accent chair for your living room, feeling a delicious discomfort as the masseuse works away the stresses of a long week, or just getting away to commune with nature, indulgence can mean different things for different people. And while Namma Bengalooru is coy about her sophisticated side, luxury lovers in the city are familiar with her ability to charm and surprise. For Bangalore maybe known to serve up a mean masala dosa, but that’s not to say that you won’t find a delicious bowl of

Bibimbap in Korea Town aka Kammanahalli. And yes old timers may rue the city’s chaotic expansion, but those in the know can escape into a decadent world of their making - a phone call or drive away.

Here are some truly indulgent experiences we have curated for you, so you too can tune in and drop out!

A staycation with a difference

Not every getaway has to mean getting on a transatlantic flight. What if we told you that you could find a spot of calm in Villa Pottipatti a heritage bungalow turned boutique hotel in the heart of Malleshwaram. Villa Pottipatti is a charming home lovingly maintained and run by the Neemrana Group of Hotels. It used to belong to a wealthy family from Andhra Pradesh, and as an ode to their roots, the villa is named after their village, and the rooms have names like Venkatagiri, Pochampalli and Gadwal - all traditional handwoven sarees from the state.

You can step out and explore the bustling markets of Malleshwaram or choose to do nothing but chill in the shade of a stately Shivalinga Tree. Go for a swim in their pool, or admire the woodwork on the teak four poster in your room. Be inspired to write an old fashioned letter to your lover while you sit at an antique writing desk. Perhaps you can walk through the bungalow’s mirrored corridors and have imagined conversations with the people, carefully posing in photographs from an era gone by. Luxury sometimes means being able to make time stand still, as it does at Villa Pottipatti. Image Courtesy : Villa Pottipatti

Go on a wickedly luxurious ride

Have you always dreamed of riding off into the sunset on a Harley? Are you in awe of the Ducati Scrambler, the lean and mean Italian beauty that can you take you places? Or have you wished you could take the unmistakably neon-green Ninja 650 for a spin? If you love high-end bikes for their unmatched performance and bad boy image you can be as wicked as you like for a few hours or an entire weekend with Wicked Ride.

Started in 2014 by three friends in Bangalore this luxury bike rental company allows you to experience the thrill of these powerful machines without the hassle of owning and maintaining them. Rent any of the imported or desi beauties from their fleet and head perhaps to Ooty, via the Kalhatti Ghats and take on the hairpin bends solo! Or if you prefer the camaraderie of other riders head to the biggest bike carnival in India, India Bike Week, happening on the 19th and 20th of February in sunny Goa. Image Courtesy : Wicked Ride

Experience the hottest culinary trend of the moment

Imagine experiencing the delights of a truly successful dinner party with none of the stresses of sending out invitations, figuring out seating arrangements, or slaving over the menu. Imagine savouring a delicious meal in the company of delightful strangers who go onto become friends over the course of the evening.

Share travel stories, swap recipes and ask for seconds. Experience the hottest culinary trend of the season and discover the vastly underrated but richly developed flavours of regional Indian cuisine. How about waxing eloquent about some authentic Parsi Dhansak or Bihari Litti Choka? Work your way through a 100% vegetarian Palakkad Iyer spread or experience the fiery delights of a traditional Andhra meal...

Today, thanks to Bangalore based startup Likemind, you can secure a place at the home of a talented, homegrown host-turned-chef. These regional cuisine experts will invite you to their home and cook you the food they have grown up eating. Menus are customized for every event and the atmosphere is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of a traditional restaurant. Sign up for a dinner like none other - here. Image Courtesy : Likemind

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